Sunday, July 17, 2016

Crooked little Darma

Our Dear Old Darma.

Me & Darma 

I may have never mentioned on my blog a dear 'ol cat I had the privilege to love for only two years.
Darma came to me through my vet, Dr. Ann, who found her injured on the road one evening on her way home from the clinic. She cared for her injuries and brought her into the clinic the following day. Darma was already a geriatric cat and she was now an injured stray. Dr. Ann waited for an owner to come forward to claim her but alas that never happened. She remained at the clinic while she healed from her injuries which were mostly to the pelvic area.
This is where I come in. My old calico, Patches, was brought in to see Dr. Ann when I discovered a lump on her side. While at the clinic, I peaked in to Darma's cage and looked into the gold-coloured eyes of an old, confused and sad little cat. After getting the story on her I left the clinic with a heavy heart not knowing if her owners would ever look for her.
Dr. Ann called me a few days later and asked if I would take her. She offered free vet care for the rest of her life if only I would give her a loving home. She said she was healing well but would walk with a crooked gait from now on.
I was heading to the cottage the next day and told Ann that if she was still there on return I would adopt her.
So, Darma came to live with us; all 7 crooked pounds of her. She was approximately 16 years old.

Darma was shameless and wobbled into our home of 5 cats without a worry in the world. She ignored everyone of our cats and became my little black shadow.
When approached by a resident feline she would stare them down and turn her back on them. She had absolutely no use for them. She was not a fighter but neither was she a lover.

For two summers Darma joined us at the cottage as she was unable to be away from me for any length of time. And she was an old lady, remember; I did spoil her.
She loved it there and spent her days lying on the wide window-sills looking out over the lake. She ate barbecued chicken off the grill for dinner and followed sun-puddles throughout the cottage.
She slept on a futon near the front window where she could hear the loons early morning.
I carried her around like a baby.

We lost Darma to kidney failure when she was 18 years old. Two wonderful year with this funny little crooked cat.
I still miss that pouty old face.

hugs, Deb


  1. This story touches my heart. I know there is a kitty out there that needs me and I will find it soon.

  2. Oh, Deb, such a beautiful story. Thank you for taking Darma in and for sharing her story. I, too, take my cat to a cottage on a lake. At one time I took 3 and everyone of them has enjoyed their vacation at the cottage, including listening to the loons !

  3. i don't know what to say .you and your husband are such beautiful persons to give her a few good years .again i hope my English is o k .Sometimes i can't find the right words

  4. Oh Deb, you are such a special person. What a feel-good story. Thanks for sharing her and Darma with us. Bless. Jo

  5. A lovely story & it made me teary (that is ok). Darma was a lucky girl as you were lucky to have found her. One of our best kitties was a found by the side of the road kitty. She had not been hit by a car as we thought, but she had been shot. We saved her & she gave us several years of love, we were SO blessed to find her & I still miss her beautiful orange sherbet self. By the way the photos of you then & now - you do not change! :)

  6. How great you gave Darma two wonderful years. She was so lucky the vet found her to begin with.

  7. Deb, I loved hearing about Darma and the life you gave her for her last years. It sounds like you mightily blessed each other with so much love. I am glad for you both.

    Thank you,

  8. Deb, I just love and relate to your Darma story. You warmed my heart today!!

  9. Thanks for sharing your bittersweet story. It's all about love.

  10. Darma definitely gave you the best years of her life and how brave you were to take this little old lady in knowing that her time may be short. She's waiting for you along with all your other beloveds on the rainbow bridge.

  11. I love this story! Darma was beautiful. You are beautiful. You have such a kind heart. Wish she could have been with you longer. She was lucky to have spent those years with you.

  12. I love reading of old cats and dogs having the loving, serene retirement that they deserve. You probably gave Darma the best two years of her life.

  13. What a sweet girl! Love the story...reminds me just a bit of my Star.

    1. Betsy, I think of Darma every time I see your Star.

  14. a very moving story, i was very teary eyed! Darma obviously loved you for looking after her in her final years, isn't it so sad that people 'lose' their pets
    thanx for sharing

  15. Old cats are amazing beings, aren't they. Their time with us may not be as long as we'd like but the love they offer us is without compare. My soulmate cat was adopted at age 15 , already with some cancer and renal failure. I only had him for a little over a year but I wouldn't trade the time we spent together for anything on earth.

  16. Thank you on Darmas' behalf for giving 2years of love and care! xxx my eyes are leaking now.....

  17. It makes me cry! Owning a cat is the best thing on earth. Unconditional love!

  18. How wonderfully kind of Dr. Ann to suggest vet care in exchange for a home. How wonderfully kind of you to accept.It fills our hearts to know that this old gal who seemingly had been discarded in her old age, was lifted up and loved for probably the best two years of her life! Thank you :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  19. What a sweet, sweet story. Thank you, Deb, for telling it.

    Glenda from Kansas

  20. I'm glad you shared Darma with us. What a wonderful story and I suspect you will miss her forever.