Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tea with Trouble.

We got a good down-pour todayso I had a day off from gardening. All I needed to do was a wee bit of weeding and take care of the wildlife. I mentioned last week that the chickadees are back and we have an abundance of nuthatches this summer; lots of young ones. There was a baby blue jay learning to call in the sumac tree yesterday. If you know the sound the blue jay makes you can imagine how funny it sounded coming from a young one. It's kind of a "clonk...clonk..." with all it's might.
Then two Red-breasted Grosbeaks showed up at an almost empty feeder for dinner. I don't fill the feeders at the end of the day as we have raccoons that will pull them down at night if they are not empty. But, these two did get a decent meal and I'm sure I'll see them again.

Audrey reminded me that I haven't done a tea post for awhile and she asked me what was up with that. That surprised me as I didn't think she cared  :-b, so I'll invite her to join me soon and we'll enjoy a slice of banana bread, too. Well, I will. She thinks all human food is uneatable. She only loves her stinky goodness.

I'll have to pick a special tea-cup if the audacious one is joining me.

My favorite pretty tea-cup is this one, sent to me awhile back by a lovely follower of my blog that said it reminded her of the mouse-house. :)
Isn't that sweet.
It's called Queen Anne
made in England. :)
If only the mouse-house was that pretty.
I love the gate and the path leading up to the house.

The beautiful saucer
                                                             It will always be a favorite.

These two tea-cups are being passed on to my youngest who has always loved them. She's quite the tea lover, too, and will give them a good home. :)

Audrey has already called it a night, I see. ;-)

"Sweet dreams, Audrey."

Enjoy your evening,
Hugs, Deb


  1. Nicely tucked away she is!

    I saw the dark clouds to the south, but here in the core there was no rain, though it looks ominous to the west at present.

  2. I agree with your daughter...I've always admired those two cups of yours!

    I love how your cats sleep under blankets! None of mine do that! It's so cute!

  3. Haha, that Audrey!!! 😃 The tea cup and saucer are simply beautiful. BTW, Tuppence also likes to sneak under s blanket, and her favorite thing is to be on the bed when I'm changing sheets. She's a sweetie and actually lying here right beside me at the moment. 💙💙

  4. such pretty tea cups and saucer!! Love them all. What kind of tea do you enjoy? Hot or cold? Flavors? Lemon or not? Sweet? We consume massive amounts of ice cold sweet tea down here in the South. I love my ice. And I love lemon in it

  5. Audrey!x Audrey!x Oh! Well! There by lies
    a 'tail'. :).
    Strange about cats...Always forgetting their
    tails, even leopards lying in wait in trees for
    their pray, can't see the leopard, but, it's tail
    will be dangling down behind it! :).

    HeHe! Lovely cups and saucers...Especially the Queen
    Anne...Though l think they look a lot nicer filled
    with tea...Which reminds me!!!

  6. The tea set sent from your follower is really pretty! What a sweet gift!
    Love that pretty tail coming out from blanket :-)

  7. Oh are quite the personality! Love seeing the birds, and we are having raccoons in the yard at night too; they wash their hands in the water bowl left for my ferals.

  8. That favourite teacup is indeed a pretty one. I like scenes that remind me of a rural or pastoral idyll, quiet places of contentment. In that way, the scene on the cup is probably like the Mouse-house, too.

  9. Oh Deb, I watch for your post every day and enjoy them so much. Funny, when you mentioned picking a special teacup if Audrey was joining you, I pictured an unbreakable one. That last picture of Audrey cracks me up!! The teacup you picked is beautiful. Your cupboard is always pretty and I love seeing it.

  10. Lol! Cats are so funny! Love your sweet tea-cups and your charming hutch :) The birds are so pretty. I have to let my feeders empty for the same reason....xx K

  11. We got a little bit of rain and still need more the fields are very dry as are our yard . Lovely post and photos . I have a favorite tea cup to all though it is more like beaker as they call them with butterfly's on it yum nothing like a cup or two of tea love the stuff . Our birds have been busy at the feeders as well . Audrey you crack me up ! Thanks for sharing have a good day !

  12. So nice to see AA taking an interest in your life and the goings on at the mouse house. I do love her hiding spot for her sleeping. Lovely to see Kane's photo behind her. He was simply the best.
    Have a great Friday and weekend!

  13. What is it about teacups and dishes that makes them so fascinating. Love your cupboard!