Friday, July 22, 2016

Feeling the heat.

It's so hot today

that Audrey's head never made it under the blanket. 
And that's something.

And dear Annie
cooled off with a treat of refreshing, cold milk.

I lasted no more than twenty minutes in the garden as it is directly  in the hot sun and the humidity is awful.
But, the week of steady sun-shine has been wonderful for produce and even one tomato showed it's true colours today.

Soon it will be in a sandwich :)
but for now,
I'm happy with the home-grown cucumber and lettuce and my local tomato from the farmer's market
to make the perfect summer lunch.

With tea, of course.

I've been busy with a certain little someone
who asked to have a sleep-over at nana and gramps place this week.
She kept busy with gardening, golf, tea parties,
side-walk sales, ice-cream sundaes and puppy pampering at the park.
 This little cutie.

And, the odd needed nap.
For gramps, too.
Can you feel the love here? lol

It's so quiet here today
even Annie & Audrey notice it.
But they are glad to get their toys back and couldn't figure out what this was all about come bed-time for little Gwynn.

First,  the toys get tucked in...
then it's story time
5 books...
I kid you not.
and .....she's asleep. 

So it's catch-up today with tidying up the mouse-house and trying, anyway, to keep cool.

The bird-baths are cleaned, filled with cold water and in great use today.
Especially, by my sweet little chickadees.
Did I mention how nice it is to have them back?

hugs,  Deb


  1. What a sweet little granddaughter! And how sweet to see her and Grandpa taking a nap together. I can't believe your kitty gets under a blanket at all in this heat. We have it here in Michigan, too. Your tomato sandwich looks delicious -- perfect for summer. Nice to stop by for a visit, Deb; I haven't been around as much lately -- getting ready for my daughter's wedding. Hope you're having a good summer. xo Deborah

  2. That's about the same amount of time l've
    been spending in the garden to! Then shooting
    in for a large cold glass of squash!
    It's been Hot! Hot! over here to...Still, not
    to complain, nice in the shade on the patio with
    a cold meat sandwich, and a cold beer! :).

    Is'nt strange with pussy~cats, they get under covers,
    then when they get hot, they creep, head first, and
    still asleep. My George used to do that in bed, he'd
    creep under the quilt, turn round, and put his head
    on the pillow, next to mine! During the night, he'd
    get hot, and slowly creep up around my head, and finish
    up at the top of the pillow...! AND! still asleep! Bless!x

  3. Our cats come in from the heat and stretch out flat on the kitchen floor to cool off. They look so long that way. Lol. That sandwich looks wonderful. Yum!

  4. It's not much fun for anyone in the heat right now!

  5. It's hot and sticky here, too, Deb! The past two days have been bad, but this evening was lovely, so sweetie and I sat on the swing and watched the sun go down. It was so peaceful! Your Gwynn is just adorable - I love the way she tucked in all the cat toys, hehe!

  6. Isn't it the best when they stay over?
    Stay cool my friend...
    Linda :o)

  7. For a cat it's never too hot ! Only one sleeps on the cool tiles the 3 others on the bed !