Saturday, July 16, 2016

Meeting the family.

The heat is overbearing these days but the garden waits for no-one.
It was time to weed again and weed I did. It took my mind off the events of the day, and for that I was thankful.

Gooseneck Loosestrife

Zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, onions, green & yellow beans, potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes.
There is a space showing where two bean plants were damaged so we have planted seeds there again.

I'm still waiting on tomatoes to ripen and beans to appear on the blossoms.
We have been eating cukes, zucchini and lettuce for weeks now. So delicious.
And the herbs have been wonderful in pasta and stir-fry's.
Still...can't wait for those tomatoes.

I think I spotted Simon in the garden but there are so many new chippies around here that I'm now losing track of him. He still lives under the pump, though. I see him run there before a storm. :)

There was a lot of chatting going on in one of the sumac trees and when I looked up I saw the wee red squirrel and it's mom, I expect. Baby was swinging her heart out while mom watched from the blue glass feeder.
They were very friendly with each other so I know they were related. Perhaps it was dad but nevertheless, it was a cute sight to see. Baby, swinging again in the platform feeder and mom (or dad) filling up at the thru-way.

Gosh, this little one is adorable and not one bit afraid of me.
 Mom was much more cautious even though I expect I've been feeding her for a year now. I can walk right up to baby and almost touch her.
It's good to know baby is being cared for and watched over.

How can you not love these little critters.

We had a beautiful visitor at the mouse-house very late last night checking out the feeder and the bit of food I put out for one lone and very chubby raccoon that calls every night.
She's very pretty but was quick to leave so the photo is terrible as I grabbed my camera with no time to focus. You can see what my concern is.
 Does she belong anywhere? Who knows. I guess I'll have to speak to my neighbours again and keep an eye out for her. I HATE to see cats outside at night.  We have coyotes and fishers in our area and it angers me so much when people allow their cats to roam at night. I'm not comfortable with them being out in the day-time, either, but many of these cats around here live in barns; dangerous, albeit but well-fed. It's the life of a country cat and if I'm going to live in the country I just have to get used to it. But, saying that, I will watch out for this dilute or pastel calico cat and keep you posted. I'll pray for her safety for now.

Enjoy the heat with a big, tall lemonade. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. ALL looking lovely...Everything seems
    happy and coming along nicely..! :).

    I must just say in the Sun newspaper over
    here to~day is a funny story and photos of
    a mouse, that squeezed inside a bird feeder,
    scoffing the seeds, and was then too fat to
    get out!
    When the owners got home, they unscrewed the
    bottom, and let it go..HeHe!x
    And, on the previous two pages, there's photos of
    pussy~cats, before and after they get wet...called,
    Furry liquid...! :0).

  2. Your garden looks wonderful, and like where you are , it is so hot here......104 yesterday. We do not have squirrels here and I always love to watch them whenever we are in town. Hope your new visitor will come closer to you