Sunday, July 31, 2016

Watching July slip away

We are watching July come to an end.
It's been a scorching, hot month and the gardens are needing extra attention to keep them from drying up.
All but my chili peppers are bursting forward...I have picked only one and passed it on to chef Mike, my son-in-law.
The sweet green pepper are almost ready to pick, stuff and cover with a favorite cheese
for a quick and easy dinner.

I had some 7 grain bread crust to add to the feeder today. Bread is not advised for wild-life but this one is  full of grain and seeds that I made an exception.

I did get to one summer bazaar but it's been a quiet weekend, albeit a busy one with our grand-dog, Forrest.
He came for a weekend sleep-over
and has us back in 'dog mode' again.
There is no love lost between HE and the two princesses that call the mouse-house home.
Plus, this idea of a treat after dinner...what's up with that?
They will be glad to see the tail-end of him tonight.
And he'll be going home with a basket of veggie goodness for his
favorite people.
That's what I do love about seeing July come to a close for another year.
Fresh Veggies.

"Is that 85 lbs. of uselessness gone yet?"

"Easy, Audrey. That sweet dog is your it or not."

hugs, Deb


  1. That little chippy is perfect for a model! A great photo. Audrey needs to swallow her pride and face the facts, doggie is there to stay.

  2. Your photos have always been so wonderful and I have enjoyed them but your new camera is taking you to new heights! Wonderful photos. I loved that first one of the chipmunk!

  3. Oh my, I needed a laugh and that last picture of Audrey and her comment did it. Deb, your home and the gardens are so pretty, how do you keep everything looking perfect.

  4. Aw, Forrest! What a sweet dog!

    Love the first picture...magazine worthy!

    Is there anything happening in the construction plans over there for your permanent house? Can't remember if it's going on now or you're taking a break before starting that one.

  5. Lovely photos. Nothing like fresh garden veggies ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. Hi Deb! Some more great photos there! that first picture is so neat! Your gardens and veggies are so lush and healthy and gorgeous. Ours did not fare so well this year.

  7. HeHe! Is that Simon..He's turned into
    a bit of a poser...Bless!x

    And...Finally! The face that launched a
    thousand ships...Hardships!!! :).

  8. Love love love your photos here ♥

  9. Hard to believe July is gone! Audrey hiding under the towel is too cute!

  10. The seasons come and go so quickly. It's been warm here the last week but with nights rather cool, which is strange, though I don't mind low temperatures for sleeping.

  11. Deb your garden looks amazing!!!! Wow, impressive for sure! No ripe tomatoes here yet but lots of green ones. And the pepper plants are stunted, after fighting with the slugs earlier in the season. Sigh....but I've got zucchini for years!!!

  12. Annie and Audrey must be pleased when Forrest goes home!