Thursday, July 28, 2016

Under the Sumacs

Holy's been hot.
But Audrey doesn't care.

Any outdoor work has to be done early or you melt in the heat and humidity.
But then again it is summer.

It seems that by the time you reach the end of July your gardens need some repair work. I'm finding we are trimming, cutting back and tying up more plants these days as they grow too long, burn out or just look a bit bedraggled. It's daily maintenance that kept me from becoming a gardener years ago. So I'm late at this but at least now we have time to stay on top of things. 
The wild-life that visits nightly are becoming more destructive leaving us with two feeders to repair today. I think they may have had a soccer game last night.

We have been eating from our garden for two weeks now and the tomatoes have finally turned red.

So delicious. Mmmm...mmm...mmm.
We are waiting on the peppers to grow a bit more (sweet and chili) and the carrots, parsnips and squash to be ready for pickin'.
If you need zucchini, cukes or beans drop by. I got 'em.

It's been busy in the shade under the sumac trees. That's where I hide out to capture a few of my daily visitors.

The Bold and the Beautiful



Finch (I think)

So hot!
The little tail is dragging.

Under the sumacs

I'll sit here
drink my tea
watch the 
little chickadee.

The cats are up early as they heard a rumble in their tummies. Must never have that.
It's going to be another hot day and the grass needs cutting. Again!
A second cup of coffee is in order, first.

"Thank you for your thoughtful comments yesterday. It was a day filled with sweet memories."

Enjoy your day.

hugs, Deb


  1. That squirrel (is it Simon's girlfriend?) is going to be front-heavy, trying to leave the feeder. And at least the rowdies at the feeders didn't go on to wreck the tomato plants.

    I don't really care for high summer. Everything takes on that dull, waxy green look, and appears tired, even though we're only a third of the way through the season. Spring yes; early summer yes; mid-summer? Bring on the autumn...

  2. It is so hot here also. I've finally got a few birds at my feeder!! Yay!

  3. Nice photos! Audrey is so funny; sleeping under a blanket. Does she think that she is hidden?

  4. Always love your pictures, Deb! And yes, it is hot here in Texas too. We stay inside mostly and try to do things that take us outside early in the day. The old mama raccoon was just lying in the large water bowl a few minutes ago. She just lays there and cools down while her babies eat at the cat dishes.

  5. How can chippies stuff so much food into their cheeks?

  6. Audrey makes me hot just looking at her under that blanket! I think that might be a chipping sparrow at your birdbath (to go with the chippies) This link is a good one for ID'ing the birdies:

    1. You're right, Marty. I've made that mistake before. :-b Thanks.

  7. I see someone else recognized the sparrow.....and that old blue jay looks like my Grandpa with his hands crossed behind his back. LOL Your gardens all look wonderfully well tended. Nebraska ><>

  8. Beautiful photographs. Simon's full to bursting cheek pouches are adorable!:D

    Deb, I was wondering if you could suggest some easily digestible cat food for an older kitty (eleven years old). We had to change her diet after Innova Evo was no longer being brought into Canada and I am having a tough time finding something that she likes. Any insights would be very much appreciated. I hear chicken isn't good for older cats..then I hear fish irritates sensitive tummies...

    Thanks in advance for your insights!

    Sophie and the critters in the cottage xo

  9. glad the memories were good yesterday & hope Kane had a wonderful time in doggy heaven too.
    wonderful photos, lol so much food stuffing cheeks going on there, it's like it's the last meal they might ever see!
    thanx for sharing

  10. It's hot here, too...well, more sticky and humid than hot..which I think it worse, actually! The garden seems to love it, though! The tomatoes are turning red! Yum!
    Love the sunshine through the trees shot...and those chippy cheeks!

  11. It's been way too hot here, too. Don't you wonder how those chipmunks can keep their chins from dragging on the ground with full cheek pouches!?!

  12. Hi Deb, oh, so sad to miss your sweet Kane. I always get a little pain in my heart when I scroll through my photos seeing my departed fur-babies. Your sumacs look lovely to sit under on a hot day. I'll bet they are beautiful in the fall. Too funny seeing the chipmunk. the Jays are so pretty! I had to move my feeder well away from the house and sometimes have to stop filling it because of marauders. I've had bear, raccoons, possums and also cougars and coyotes after the raccoons and possums! I am always cautious approaching it. One year I had a whole flock of crows coming every day. My goodness, so many hungry wild things! I even tried putting the feeder on the deck, but that was a disaster - mice were attracted and getting into the house. So, it is always an adventure with the wild things! Be careful! xx K

  13. Hot is an understatement--heat index of 106F yesterday!

  14. It is very hot and humid here too. Glad you are getting red tomatoes now. We still have not had a ripe tomato from our garden. Don't know what is taking them so long. Audrey is so cute folded up in that blanket.

  15. This humidity is awful so sticky and YUK ! I don't mind heat just not the humidity . Lovely photos , your gardens are doing well and look great , yes this time of year the gardens need a bit sprucing up dont they ? That I have been doing as well in the early mornings and later in the evenings when it is s bit cooler . Thanks for sharing , Have a good long weekend !

  16. Cute pictures, I was impressed by the garden where you have cultivated tomatoes. Good appetite and a great day!

  17. What IS it about cats that despite their own fur coat they snug under blankets no matter what? Lizzie does it too... never been able to figure it out!

  18. everything in your garden is lovely! Love the fat-cheeked chipmunk.