Friday, July 29, 2016

Back for another 'special' purchase.

There is a new addition to my favorite step-back cupboard.

It's a piece that I imagine can be used for many things such as holding milk for tea gatherings, real Canadian maple syrup for your pancakes or sauces for Sunday dinner. But whatever...I love it and it had to come home with me.

Now I'm on the hunt for the sugar bowl.

I found it at Country Side Antiques in Kemptville, Ontario last week. This is the same location that I discovered my oh-so-loved step-back cupboard four years ago. That's one purchase I will never regret.
                               It was a cold day in November of 2012 when  I found my cupboard.
                               Audrey and I loved white dishes then.
                               She helped me decorate it and sat on it all evening.
                                                      That's my girl at one year old.
Karen remembered us last week and was just as lovely as ever; a real nice girl. And we got a welcoming from Bo again and a new kitty named Fluffy.

I left knowing I'd be back again soon as there were a few too many things I fell in love with at this charming Antique shop. I'll be sure to bring you along when we visit again.

hugs, Deb


  1. The new pitcher is beautiful. I can see why you fell in love with the old cabinet. I would have too. Audrey does look younger there. She is so cute!

  2. My! My! What an 'elegant' young lady,
    Audrey!x a year old...!x
    All ready for the 'catwalk'...Bless!x

  3. Your new pitcher is wonderful. I would have been tempted to bring it home, too. I'm sure it will get Audrey's seal of approval!

  4. Your blue and white collection in the cupboard is so pretty and the new addition is really special. Hugs!!

  5. Love the pitcher =)
    Hey cutie Audrey *ear scritches*

  6. Audrey at one was already getting the glare started!

    Bo and Fluffy must make welcome greeters.

  7. I love blue transferware and that jug is fabulous~!

  8. Very pretty pitcher Deb. I love the soft blue color. Hope you find a sugar bowl. Good excuse for more antique-ing, right? ;)

  9. That new jug is pretty. I'm sure you'll soon source the sugar bowl. I loved Audrey at a year and I love her now!

  10. I also like your milk jug; when we moved into this house it had been in the family over eighty years and I found old cupboards in the cellar full of blue pottery, but I do not have a sugar bowl, if I did it would be yours. How cute is Audrey in that photo, and what a little sod she is, I do love her and follow all her adventures, she knew what she was up to when she put her charms around your heart. Love Andie xxx

  11. Lovely . I do like antique shops so much wonderful things and history to go with them to . Why just a few years ago we sold my mums blue British winter print dishes like this and yes she had the sugar bowl with the entire set . Hope you find the sugar bowl I will keep an eye out for one for you in our antique shops . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  12. I would have brought that home with me, too! Beautiful!

  13. Gorgeous pitcher! Love the print color!

  14. I like that picther. And the name "W. R. Midwinter" sounds so very English!