Friday, July 15, 2016


My heart is broken this morning.
I feel so helpless.
The troubles and sadness of this world 
leave me speechless.

The children...

                                 Prayers for Nice, France.


  1. We agree Deb. We fail to understand the hearts of people who do such things.

  2. Hello, Deb! I feel the same. I wish there was peace in the world. Prayers for Nice!

  3. Terrible! Terrible Thing!
    I have my flag flying at half mast..
    and it with be like that for two more
    God bless..each and every one...and yes,
    the children!

  4. I share your sadness and can't believe the hatred it takes to do such an act.

  5. I hope for better days as my heart breaks seeing what occurred last night in France. I checked with my family who live west of Nice, thankfully they did not attend the Bastille Day celebrations and are safe and sound at home.

    My prayers are for the innocents who died, those who are horribly injured, and their families and friends left behind to mourn these unnecessary deaths.

  6. We do live in a different world now. My prayers are with Nice...

  7. I can but agree with all comments here. There is nothing more to say,the horror leaves me speechless. My heart goes out to the families )-:


  8. Totally agree Deb ... & with what everyone has said in the comments. Just so very sad & difficult to understand the minds of some people. I cried watching the photos on t.v last night. It saddens me to think of our world like this.

  9. Such a tragedy! We stand with France in their grief! Mary

  10. As one of the comments here says, I "can't believe the hatred" that fills hearts to cause them to do such evil. Praying, praying! Nebraska ><>
    P.S. Thanks for the sweet pic. of Annie who looks like she might be praying too. So dear.

  11. I couldn't agree more. A great heartbreak. And it doesn't seem to stop.