Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Chatty Cats

I know this won't surprise you but I love to have conversations with my cats.

"Don't believe a word of this."

Cats love the sound of the voice they trust; the soft sound that gives them peace and makes them feel safe.
If you want to raise my eyebrow just tell me that you think cats are incapable of understanding your words or couldn't care less whether you talk to them or not. Oh, they do.
Yes, even Audrey...especially Audrey. When I talk softly to her she leans in and begins to purr.
She loves her Deb.
Don't tell her I told you, though. I'll live to regret it.

"So, who came by today in the garden, you ask?"

The day lilies are here.

It's hard to get much done around here when David, too, likes to have a chat in the garden.
He tells me all the gossip from the neighbourhood.
I like this guy. ;-)

                                                           =^..^= =^..^==^..^=

                                                                   hugs, Deb


  1. Yes! ALL cats love to chat...In fact ALL
    animals like to chat in their own special
    way! If not, they'll show you what they want!
    Bless Them!x

    And David looks like a bit of a detective, bet
    he wanders about picking up bits and pieces,
    and keeping it under his fur!x

    And as for Audrey!x HeHe! She has a direct line
    to everything that's going on....Bless her furry
    paws!x Audrey!x

  2. Shhh...don't tell anyone...but I talk to my three furry girl kitties too. :) They actually come when called! Nella, Charleigh and Tilly love when you talk softly to them..and they don't like loud noises or raised voices. Throw in a kitty massage...and they will love you forever! :)

  3. Oh Audrey! Deb is telling your secrets. I always knew you had a soft side under the scowl that you show to the camera.

    I talk to my cats all the time and they do understand. Doesn't a human child who can't talk yet understand what Momma says to him/her? Of course. And just because cats can't speak the same way we do doesn't mean they don't understand us. They know perfectly well what we're saying. Some words they pretend they don't understand like 'no' and 'just wait a minute, Mommy's busy'.

  4. Cats love the chit chat, it is always great to come home and talk to Pops.

  5. I totally agree! I can tell my voice is soothing to my cats! It calms them when they are scared and reassures them!
    Is that Simon? Soooo cute! I actually saw a chippy here...just outside my kitchen window. He was actually at the neighbor's house scampering along their walkway. Adorable!

  6. Of course cats love chats and purrs and head rubs! I know they understand also. Special creatures cats!

  7. Hi Deb, I too , have conversations with my cats and they understand me. They even answer; sometimes. I love David: a debonair neighbor for sure. Thanks for a beautiful post. Jo

  8. Miss Audrey, You have so many TV Channels !!!
    Lucky kitty !

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    Thank you

  9. David makes for very good company!

    Audrey looks like she's displeased to be interrupted from her cumulative eighteen hours of sleep a day.

  10. I agree completely. I always talk to my cats. It's true that they don't understand whole conversations (I don't know what I'm babbling about sometimes) but they comprehend many words and - more importantly - they learn to know your voice, your tones, your moods. Hearing your voice allows them to get to know you, and discern differences in your personality. Talk to your pets all the time!

  11. I wonder if my neighbors think I've slipped a cog, because I know they hear me chatting away with the 'o' cats! Cats understand every word, I know it! Audrey is so cute...

  12. My sweetie talks to his kitty all the time - she's a spoiled baby, that one, but I guess we all spoil our babies, don't we?

  13. Smokey is the only one of our cats who will lay up-side-down in my arms and close his eyes when I talk to him. But all three of them listen when we talk to them. I don't blame the little visitors for hanging around your garden. It's so pretty there. David looks like a very big cat.

  14. Wonderful post and photos , Hey your not the only one , Harley, Miggs and I have great conversations lol ! yeah even the birds and critters and I have good chats as well if some one other then Papa was to hear me they would think I am bonkers lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  15. Lizzie and I chat constantly -- probably all the more now that Rick's headed home and I'm solo at the lake! Love Dave!