Monday, July 18, 2016

Randomness at the mouse-house.

As requested...My camera is a Samsung 21X 23mm lens, still small enough to take everywhere.

I grabbed a second cup and headed out to the garden on this beautiful sunny morning.

Lots had happened over-night, such as the squash grew and the beans appeared on the vines. There were lots of teeny cucumbers and a few large ones. It had been a busy night in the garden.

And I wasn't alone.

You are possibly wondering how we are not losing produce to the wild-life here and that has me gobsmacked, too. I'm just happy they are keeping their paws off things for now.
It might be that I keep them well fed and they are thanking me for that. haha!

The days sure go by fast, don't they? Here it is evening once again.
This is the time of day Annie seeks out her white ping-pong ball. :) Easier to see, my dear.

We all know where Audrey is.




  1. Goodnight...! oooops! Good morning...! :).
    Lovely photos, yet again...I had to 'paws'
    at Audrey's!x photo...! Bless!x

    And, yes, as long as your feeding the wildlife,
    (and Audrey) they won't bother your lovely plants.
    After all..why rummage about in the dirt, when they
    can get it on to speak! Happy medium, l
    would say...! :).

  2. Stunning photo of the squirrel! And I always love seeing your sweet cupboard and dishes!

  3. Morning Deb!!
    Lovely and cool here this am...
    Great selection of photos...
    Your gardens are wonderful...
    I had my first green beans on the weekend...delish!
    Have a great day!!
    Linda :o)

  4. Audrey's cute little paws sticking out from under the blankie are just adorable!

  5. I suspect that once the delights in the garden are discovered, you'll be hard pressed to keep the little critters away. Your photos are really beautiful. Deb. The camera type may make it a bit easier, but it is the photographer herself that sees and captures the beauty.

  6. It's so comfy being buried under the blankets!

  7. This is such a pretty post. I always love seeing the cupboard and dishes. The last 'goodnight' picture is so peaceful. I love it. and of course, Annie, and Audrey's little feet!

  8. Your little bouquets on the windowsill are so pretty! Just such a beautiful post overall. Nebraska ><>

  9. Beautiful photos, Deb. Your china cabinet always looks so pretty!