Wednesday, July 13, 2016


First poppy to bloom at the mouse-house.

We love the colour. :)

This is one hot day; over +30C and so humid that you, too, will have a bad hair day.

My poor garden needed some tending to so I headed out very early to tidy things up. 
I knew by noon you would not be able to breathe out there.

After filling the feeders, I went back to watering for awhile waiting to see what would show up for breakfast.
Boy, it was worth the wait.
A little baby squirrel 
showed up for some seeds and a swing in the platform feeder.
This cutie was obviously having a fun time.

You're right...I'm in love.

hug, Deb


  1. Funny, I checked back to comment on your last post, I had to rush off yesterday) and this new one popped up. I enjoyed seeing your son and that darling little baby. and today's post! Oh my, that baby squirrel brings tears to my eyes. No wonder you are in love. He is adorable! Your garden is so pretty! It is scorching hot here too!

  2. That poppy is a gorgeous color! Oh I think I'm in love also!!

  3. What a little cutie pie!
    How close were you to that little guy?
    Nice, clear shots.

    1. Thanks Maggie. I was about three feet away.

  4. I've never seen poppies that color before. Love it. Did you start it from seed?

    1. My husband did. He's been trying hard to get seeds to grow. This is the first. :)

  5. Oh! I think we all are in love, too, with that cute little guy! Too sweet!
    Love the color of your poppy. Just gorgeous!
    Hoping for better, cooler weather for you,

  6. just caught up again, cute little guy that one as are all critter babies.
    gorgeous poppy! well done!
    it's winter here, supposed to be though we are having many warmer days than is usual for this time of year, not so many cold ones, 2 days ago it was 26`c & today it's 10`c it's enough to drive you batty.
    stay cool
    thanx for sharing

  7. Everything looks lovely Deb...All neat
    and tidy...And, all growing up well...!

    The baby squirrel looks a character..But,
    then, don't they all, funny little things.
    Did you know...
    Interesting red squirrel facts:They have
    four fingers and five toes.
    They can be right or left-handed when eating
    a pine cone.
    They can swim.
    Reds’ coats moult twice a year, once after
    winter and then in the late summer before
    the weather gets colder.
    They moult their ear tufts once a year, in
    late autumn....
    So there's a perfect name for one....Tufty! :).

  8. What a cute little creature that Squirrel is. Do you know how many babies there are in that family?

  9. Deb, your garden really does look great. As for the baby squirrel, he's precious. Your new camera takes fantastically clear shots.

  10. Oh I do like that poppy colour. Does your husband remember the seed colour name? It seems we have only one surviving baby red, whom we have named Lucille as her mom was Lucy.

    1. Unfortunately, the seed came in a pack of mix but send me your address and I will send you seeds from this plant in the fall.

    2. Deb I will be sending you an email with info. You are very kind to do this for me - thank you! Thankfully the postal strike has been avoided :)

  11. Beautiful photos :)

    I do love the colour of that poppy, and the darling squirrel ♥

  12. That poppy is pretty. And the squirrel's adorable!

  13. Wonderful photos . Looks like your gardens are still doing well as are all your birds and critters that's awesome . It was hot and humid here but after the storm we got last night it brought some cooler less humid air and winds off of the lake I was able to turn the AC off and open up my windows to air the house out ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  14. My gosh that baby is too cute.

  15. What camera do you use? Lens? The baby squirrel is so cute!