Saturday, July 9, 2016

Poor, poor Audrey.

We've had a day of rain and we so needed it. 
No garden work today but we did plant two hydrangea bushes while the soil was wet. I wanted some at the front to greet our visitors as they arrived. Two beautiful purple hydrangeas.

I thought you might like to see my cabinet lit up.

"Excuse me, Annie."

Annie shares my love for dishes because
they hold food.
I guess she's a dishaholic, too.

"Really,  Deb? I don't get you two. One minute you act semi-normal and the next minute you're lighting up dishes."

"Two dishaholics under one roof.
How am I to cope with all this insanity?" 


"It's time to call the SPCA.
Society for Prevention of Confusing Audrey."

"I've had it."
"Beam me up, Scotty."



  1. Hahaha! Audrey is so naughty, but I still love her.

  2. Oh dear, poor Audrey indeed!
    Love your dishes all lit up! So pretty!

  3. Stay in there Audrey!x Stay in there!
    Don't start loosing it...!!!
    Have your say...then get on with playing
    with your toys..or..zzzzzzzzzzzZ!
    Bless!x :).

  4. Gorgeous Audrey. The dishes look great.

  5. Audrey is so beautiful and your cabinet looks so pretty!
    Thank you too Deb for your kind comment about my bears on the blog,
    Have a good Sunday,
    Susan x

  6. Purple hydrangeas, beautiful I'm sure. Hope to see them later - are they in bloom?
    Love the blue and yellow china Deb and lighting your cabinet in the evening will look very nice. Cute quote about gardeners, haha!

    Happy Sunday - Mary

  7. What a pretty cabinet all lit up and Annie appreciates it! That Audrey...what a face!

  8. Hello, I enjoyed your Annie and Audrey. They are both sweet kitties. Your dishes and cabinet look beautiful, I like the lights. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  9. Hehehe that Audrey sure is audacious, isn't she?

  10. Deb...this made my day! Adorable!!! Still laughing....just adorable!!!

  11. Lit up or not, I love the transferware. I don't own a single piece!

  12. Your cabinet is so pretty lit up! It's beautiful. Makes me want to try lighting up our china cabinet which sits in a dark corner. Would that make me a copy cat? Would you ask Audrey for me please. :) That Audrey is adorable, and so is Annie.

  13. Deb, are you sure Annie's not thinking, "D... those doors! I'd like to crawl in there if I could."
    As for Audrey, I love that face!

  14. Wonderful photos! Love your cupboard - both day and night versions.

  15. Best Audrey "input" yet!!

    Nebraska ><>

  16. haha...that face! Oh, she does make me laugh!

  17. Hydrangeas! They're my all time favourite. Them and peonies. Both old fashioned and with simple elegance. I wonder if yours will stay purple since colour is dependent on soil pH.
    The step back is looking exceptionally delightful as is dear Peach. Audrey, you KNOW you are the star of the show.

  18. cupboard looks lovely and all the better for a kitty getting in on the act...Gail x

  19. I don't know which Audrey expression is more fearsome!

  20. Yikes. It doesn't look like the weekend was a good one for Audrey.

  21. Too funny! Love those looks of Audrey--she's quite photogenic, but don't tell her, her ego is already inflated! XOXO