Saturday, July 2, 2016

Tiny eyes on me.

"Mornin' Red."

I cleaned up all four bird baths today; scrubbed them spotless.
I love to see the birds settle in for a quick bath and a refreshing, cold drink on these hot summer days.

There are many new red squirrels running around and they are all very young; this spring's babies.
I feel their eyes on me.
Oh gosh, I can't stand it.

This little one watched me for an hour or so working in the garden and I just fell right in love.
The bird house made a great little resting spot.

But, of course, nothing beats a good tree branch.

Simon's girlfriend was showing off her packing skills at the feeder.
"Heaven's girl, that can't feel good."

She watched; she stared.

This blue-jay surprised me by allowing me a photo before exiting through the sumacs.

And on the day that we welcomed our new grandaughter, Tenley, to our family, 
the chickadee returned to the mouse-house after being gone for two months while nesting.
I really missed them.
I hope to see many more as they return with their babies to our feeders.

And back to this cutie...
"Oh, those eyes."
OK's a girl and her name is Sally.

And speaking of girls...

time to go visit and cuddle our new grandittle
with those baby blue eyes.
The little family.
Isn't she adorable.
Big sister and brother are so in love.
I am one blessed nana.
Thank you for all your lovely comments.

hugs, Deb


  1. Beautiful pics... all of them! Your new camera seems to take excellent shots. That little family pic is adorable.

  2. How can anyone not like squirrels and especially those baby ones. Poppy fusses about the squirrels eating up the suet cakes. You have such beautiful grandchildren! I would love to hold that sweet little newborn Tenley. That is such a good picture!

  3. Love those tiny eyes on you. How could you help but fall in love! And falling in love with those beautiful baby blues... even more so.
    Enjoy these wonderful days.

  4. Just perfect, everything!
    Mary x

  5. The squirrel pictures are so cute ! Of course the baby too !

  6. Happiness shines from all these photos. Hugs!!

  7. Such cute babies human and non! Thanks for checking in on our Sweetpea.

  8. Your photos are wonderful, Deb, and your grandchildren completely adorable!! I am missing feeding my birds so much, but can't take a chance right now with the bears around....looks like my sweetie's going to have to stop for a while also, he has a bear regularly pulling down his feeders right now in the middle of the day! Scary stuff!

  9. Congratulations- your grandchildren are sweet! Cute pics of the squirrels, too!

  10. Congratulations Deb and Retired Guy!
    You guys are so lucky to have such a beautiful family...
    Obviously you 2 did something right!
    Linda :o)

  11. What a great family of little ones, a wonderful photograph of the children.

    And as for Simon's girlfriend, big fat cheeks full of food are probably very attractive to chipmunks...

  12. Really beautiful photo's Deb.

  13. Congrats on the beautiful new grand little =)
    Love your backyard critters!

  14. So sweet! So cute! Amazing photos!