Monday, July 25, 2016

Food, flowers, feathered-friends & felines

A beautiful sight in the kitchen.

Dinner will be new potatoes from the market steamed with beans from our garden. A side dish of home-grown cucumbers and the one little red tomato I spotted yesterday on the first plant. It was tiny but ready for picking. There must be 100 big green ones just on the verge of turning. With barbecued chicken and a veggie sausage for me this will be a memorable meal.
                                 Annie dreaming of chicken
I planted two hydrangeas this summer and they are full of blooms. Gorgeous!

I am thrilled with these new beauties that brighten up the old pump area. You know, where Simon lives.
 His porch plant is not blooming right now so it looks a little dull at his door but he's very seldom home anyway. He's a mover and a groover these days. I only see him running home when it's raining.

I think the hydrangea might be running second only to the daisy as my new favorite blossom.
I plan to enjoy them all summer and then dry them for the cold winter months.

It's a little bit cooler today and I noticed more birds at the feeders. I captured these two beauties.
White-breasted Nuthatch

I could feel his eyes on me... that King of the Wild Frontier.
I love when David visits me from over the fence and I rub his furry belly and give him hugs but I do have to keep an eye on him. He's a hunter and he's always on duty. He tries to trick me but...
 I know cats...and he knows it.  =^..^=

*rub rub pat pat*  "Now get home for dinner, David."

hugs, Deb


  1. All looking lovely...!!! :).
    Nice to see the Hydrangeas where they
    belong..growing naturally in the soil,
    and, not cut, and put in some old vase!
    HeHe! Terrible thing to do to flowers! :(.

    One thing that makes me chuckle now, is the
    photo of you and Audrey!x At the top right
    hand side...Buddies! If a picture needed a
    caption...that's the one! :0).
    Audrey!x and 'that' face...speaks volumes..!

  2. I love Hydrangeas! Your whole yard is looking wonderful and all the visitors know it!!

  3. David, she's keeping her eye on you!

  4. Lovely photos . Oh those Hydrangeas look lovely such pretty colours we have white ones for now but will be getting the pink and purple for next year ! Wish it was cooler here after the big storms and torrential rains we had this morning it made it more humid and very steamy and sticky out there . Thanks for sharing have a good day !

  5. I love cats, but one does have to keep an eye on them. David may not have anything against Simon, but instinct is instinct...

  6. I have a cat and love cats! Such a lovely creatures, smart and independent.

  7. David's such a cutie, even if he does like hunting.

  8. Your vegetables look delicious, isn't summer's bounty wonderful !
    Beautiful pictures of the birds, and David is such a handsome boy :)

  9. On my way!
    Put on extra potatoes for me!
    Love yellow beans...
    Linda :o)

  10. My cats are hunters, too...I'm always making sure the feeders are up high and they know I'm watching! haha.

  11. Looking lovely there dear Deb - hydrangeas are so pretty and your harvest is quire prolific already. Best get prepared for the tomatoes, once they start ripening you'll be inundated - perhaps make some sauce to freeze for winter days when we all require something to eat which reminds us of the summer days gone.

    Mary x

  12. Those hydrangeas are heaven! You must have both good soul and a green thumb.
    Pan fried red tomatoes are a huge favourite of mine. I'm envious.

  13. What veggie sausage brand do you like?

  14. David is so cute! Love the hydrangeas.