Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fun for all at the mouse-house.

One of my favorite times of the day here is early morning. I love to take my coffee outside and walk around the property to see what the night has brought us. There is always a bit of tidying up to do after the night critters have paid us a visit and the bird baths are always dirty from muddy paws. All the left-over seed and nuts from the day before are gone from the feeders and the apple holder is empty.
The bird song is at it's best at this time and even the crows are at it with their boisterous cawing.
The chippies appear out of nowhere.
It's just a very peaceful time.

There was plenty of action at the mouse-house this afternoon. LOTS of giggles and more energy than I've seen before here. lol The grandittles arrived for a barbecue lunch and were ready to get dirty. :) They brought a change of clothes, so first things first. They grabbed some pails and shovels, sifters, tractors, and dump trucks and headed to the dirt piles. Yikes...and they had a blast.
The adults gathered around the old maple tree at the front gate catching up on "what's new?"
We ate outside on this gorgeous summer day and went through more bottles of lemonade than I care to mention. ;-)
After lunch all three older littles headed to the woodlot and played along the path and amongst the trees. They LOVE it back there; it's magical.
They climbed rocks, gathered sticks & moss-covered stones, counted turtles (no, not real ones) and chased each other through the trees.
 A few veggies were picked in the garden.

My arms were full most of the day...with a beautiful little bundle.

Tenley is not yet two weeks old but came for her first visit to the mouse-house.
Awww...breathing in that good 'ol country air.
This little angel a baby. ;-)
3 generations

Tomorrow we are in for a very, very hot day.
Too hot for gardening
and just right for 

To keep kitty well hydrated during the hot times, try serving water in a different container than usual to perk her interest and add a bit of ice to keep it cool. 
If your cat does not drink water often try adding a wee bit of tuna juice from a can (in water) and see if that makes a difference.
A different bowl with added ice chips.
Audrey gives it 'two paws up'.

Stay cool
Hugs, Deb


  1. Fun fun fun! You stay cool, too!

  2. Deb, your day sounds like it was a slice of heaven for you! And of course Audrey was happy too...

  3. I too enjoy mornings on the patio with tea & wandering the garden. Our chippies were not peaceful this morning, neighbour cat also wandering about. My two fur girls love love love water & it is hard to keep them out of the sinks. They are amused with ice cubes in their water bowls. Hopefully we get rain to cool. This part of Ontario is SOOOO dry, officially in a drought.

  4. perfect day with the family, Deb...
    love wee babies...especially when sleeping! hahaha!
    really hot today...finally got some overdue housework done!
    tomorrow is pool day with Vivian!
    stay cool my friend...
    linda :o)

  5. You are a very blessed woman Deb .i always enjoy your blogs
    xx Elisabeth

  6. I think of what you have shared about visiting your Grandmother on that property and the memories you made. Now you get to make those same kinds of memories with your grandchildren. Could anything be more wonderful?

  7. What a perfect afternoon you all had . Lovely photos . Yes my favorite time of the day this time of years is early morning just before the sun rises and as it rises Miggs and I sit on the back patio porch me with my cuppa tea and we watch nature wake up . I also like the evenings as the sun sets to lol ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day and stay cool in this heat !

  8. Just a wonderful Summer's day full of memories for everyone who participated.

    Hugs, Mary

  9. Sounds like the perfect summer day to me, Deb! Love seeing those grands and that sweet little baby! Don't you just love that sweet baby smell! xx Karen

  10. Congratulations on the birth of granddaughter, Tenley!

    Nina, Mindy & Mike

  11. Such a wonderful post! The photo of you, John and sweet, tiny Tenley is just perfect. What a happy moment.
    Enjoy the coming weekend,

  12. Sweet new baby and I do love her name!! So pretty and very unique!

  13. Such a fun time! The little one looks so cute!

  14. Sounds like the perfect day! Aw...sweet baby!