Wednesday, November 10, 2010

and off they go

Off they go....2 little cats and my daughter to their new home. My daughter is happy and excited, the cats not so much. I hate to see them struggle and fight the carrier but they did. And the car ride......they hate that too. But they are now in their new place and along with them went Rae-Rae's favorite cat-tree. I can't imagine her without it so that's one Christmas present bought :). I miss that little fur bundle already.
                                                                "Aren't you coming too?"

I am changing things up on the second floor and making it a lot easier to clean up after my cats. I have decided to turn the spare bedroom into their area so all their 'stuff' is together in one room. I guess I have a cat condo now. I'm going to try it out and see if it helps to keep things tidy. My 5 seniors get along fine so I hope that they are happy in their new room. Of course, they can come and go as they please.

Helma is doing fine while she is in my care. She hasn't started pining for her owner YET. Today I gave her a good brushing and thanked God that I didn't own a German Shepherd because there was as much hair come off that dog in one brushing as what I vacuum in a week from the cats and Kane. I couldn't believe it.
Out she goes to her 2 acre yard.
Bud & Chase almost exploded with excitement when I arrived today. They love people and especially one that is there to feed them. We had some playtime on the stairs and that is where I leave their treat so they always run to the staircase when I arrive. "Who says cats aren't trainable?"

"I wonder how Rae-Rae is doing?"

hugs, a little sad.....Deb


  1. I bet you're having empty cat-nest syndrome!

  2. awww your daughter looks like a doll and you can tell she takes after her Mom and the kitties will be just fine!!!!

    I bet your kitties will love their new room!

  3. I like the sound of a cat condo room! I bet the Seniors will love it. I know you will miss that Rae Rae but at least she is close. Your daughter looks happy to take her fur babies to their new home.

  4. You bet they are trainable! And I am sure Rae Rae is very happy! :D

  5. Let us know how Rae Rae is adapting. What a beauty!