Saturday, November 27, 2010

Filling the book and checking it twice

My calendar for December is all booked up for cat-sitting. Of course, the week of Christmas is the busiest but many people like to travel before Christmas and be back home for Christmas day. I have some clients that are escaping the whole glittery celebration and they are heading South.  I look forward to cat-sitting at  this time of year. Besides the fun of caring for and lovin' up each and every cat,
Lovely Lucy
  my clients' homes are so beautiful this time of year with all their festive decorations and the star of the home decorating...the Christmas Trees. Oh Joy! Oh Joy!
Each and every one is unique, personal and decorated to the hills and I get to see them all. Of course, there is the down side of having a Christmas tree standing in all its' glory in a house with unsupervised cats for much of the day. BUT...hard as it may be to believe, I have yet to find a tree lying on its' side or any decorations smashed.  No, it's not because the cats are well behaved. Here's maybe why....the owners are aware that certain decorations should not be put on a tree if cats are around. One of course is the popular 'icicles' that hang and flutter with the least bit of breeze. Those are really bad if they get tangled in a cats throat or stomach. BAD,BAD, BAD (for the cats) and they don't know that these are dangerous. Cats have died from ingesting them. And if your cat likes to chew on cords it is best to put all cords up high or cover them with tinfoil. Ornaments should be placed only on the top 2/3rds of the tree while you are away. Glass ornaments should be at the top or how about not using glass at all.

If at all possible, tie your tree to something solid so if the cat does climb it, it will not fall over and the cat will have more fun. hee hee. Then there are those cats that don't give a rat's whiskers about all the hoopla and would rather just snooze like our Sierra.
But I did catch her the night before last Christmas sending up her kitty requests for a few new toys and some nip.
"Really...I've been nice"

I have filled the cat-care bag with some Christmas cards, fresh nip and some toys to leave for my 'nice kitties' although I know I will break down and leave something fun for the naughty ones too. You know they walk all over me.
hugs, Deb


  1. Great Christmas decorating tips for animal safety...Lucy and Sierra are both beautiful girls...Happy weekend, Deb.

  2. Wonderful suggestions about decorating for the Holidays. Some plants are also dangerous to cats. Your photographs of Lucy and Sierra are lovely.

    Happy Pink Saturday,


  3. Even though we stay home during the holidays I always think safety first on the tree. I think Charlie has been praying for some extra treats this year also.

  4. Good morning Deb,
    You've given some helpful information on cat safety. I don't use the silvery ice cycles, but I can sure see how they could cause a big problem.

    Your clients are so lucky to have a cat sitter that loves cats and is so thoughtful.

  5. Thank you for the great advice on keeping kitty safe with the tree. I bet it is alot of fun seeing how each person has decorated and they are blessed knowing their feline family members are in your make me wish I was a Canadian cat somedays lol!!!Happy Saturday!!

  6. There's no such thing as a Bad Cat...or so my felines inform me.
    heh heh.

  7. It's so interesting to read about the kitty safety Christmas tips! I've never had a kitty in my life and I never knew the Christmas trees and decorations do pose some dangers to them. Thanks for the tips, Deb! I'll remind my neighbours who celebrate Christmas!

  8. I just think you have the most fun job Deb! Can you call it a 'job' when it's so enjoyable? Looking after and visiting all those sweet kitties and enjoying all those Christmas decorations??? Yup ~ that's a sweet gig you have going on there! :)

    Happy weekend!
    xo Catherine