Thursday, November 11, 2010

Riley, like all girls, loves to 'do lunch'

Riley was very impressed with the menu at the Robin's Nest restaurant in Almonte, Ont.
The food was fantastic, soup just like mom's and fresh, fresh bread. To add to the excitement for Riley there was a store attached that was adorned with Christmas trees and all things glittery. We had a fun walk about and she definitely loves the colour red.

"On Nan, just look at all the different kinds of pie here"
"Someday Riley, someday" :)
"Bring on the menu"

Riley throws a kiss to all my blogger friends *smack*

After a lovely and emotional ceremony for our Fallen Soldiers we went to our local nursery to find a little Christmas tree. I was quickly told that a real tree would not do well in my kitchen if I was to bring it in now. It would start to bud **ah!** I didn't want that so I trotted off with a FAKE ONE but is so cute. It's looks like something from a story book. Did I really find an ornament with a rolling pin?....jackpot!I sure did and that one will honour my  doggy biscuit business that I successfully sold last October.

The weather here is fabulous. It's cool, crisp, sunny and bright. The perfect day filled with gratitude, excitement, time with my grand-daughter and her lovely parents and then off to care for Helma & my kitty-clients. Makes you feel very blessed! What are you doing tonight? Me?.... I'm playing with my story-book tree.

hugs, Deb


  1. Ohhh, look at her..those gorgeous lips! She looks so good on your lap grandma! ;D

  2. Riley is so adorable and what a sweet kiss she sent to all of us.

    Enjoy your tree trimming.


  3. Riley is soooo precious! She looks like her Grandma!!
    I love how you started her out going to lunch at such a young age Grandma!
    What am I doing tonight? Catching up on my blog reading and watching "Outsourced" and "The Apprentice", exciting huh?

  4. O, I'm lovin' Riley and I also love her name. She is a precious, full of fun baby girl.
    I KNOW just how your heart swells when you see her...

  5. I love getting a sweet Riley Kiss! She just gets cuter by the day!

  6. Oh my stars ~ how kissable are those sweet cheeks!!! xxxxx!!!!
    xo Catherine