Wednesday, November 17, 2010

She melts my heart

My son and his family
Have you ever seen anyone cuter in tights? Our grand-daughter Riley with mommy & daddy had some family photos done and I just had to share them with you. She melts my heart!

I guess it's a Nana's right to brag.

Last night it started pouring and we are in for wet weather for 3 days. I worry about the feral cats but I have a dry place to feed them so they will still get their meals. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers...they are God's little creatures that were discarded at one time and now they are wild and no one can get near them. Why does this happen? God Bless Them.

let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.
hugs, Deb


  1. Bless their little hearts...and you go girl with the Christmas...Riley is the cutest thing her outfit and head band..and those lips! ;D

  2. Riley is the cutest Christmas present I've seen this year. That hair band is so cute and her red tights! Nana has every right to brag!

  3. Oh Deb ~ you have such a beautiful little family ~ your little Riley's cheeks just need to be kissed! Adorable!! I'm liking the Christmas decorations!! You know I am! :)

    And yes, all the poor sweet animals out and about with no one to love them. I saw one of the calico bunnies out in my backyard this evening. I hope Mother Nature is kind to us and all the furry little sweeties that do not have warm houses to sleep in this winter.

    xo Catherine

  4. Those family portraits are terrific. Riley is just the sweetest little girl ever. She looks a bit unsure in the first photo, but that big smile with her dad in the third is wonderful.

    It kills me, just kills me, to see so many unloved and unwanted animals. ::Sigh:: I'm glad they have food at least.

  5. what a beautiful family!!!

    I think that little Riley looks just like YOU!!

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. What a little princess! And I love her poinsettia hair band.

    I'm so glad you're helping out the feral cats in your area (it's an issue dear to my heart)!


  7. I want a grandbaby too!!! *WAAAAH!* She's absolutely gorgeous, Deb!

  8. I just love reading your blog everyday! It makes me so happy to know that there are more cat lovers out there! My husband and I have taken in 6 cats + 1 dog, 2 we adotped from SPCA and the other 4 cats came to our door at different times! We live on a military base and there are so many cats running around. My dear friends helps and feeds all the other stray cats too! I dont have a blog but my mother does and she would love if you follow her and she has past posts about our animals. Hope you enjoy!!

  9. This is the first time i have read your blog and i love it ! I LOVE CATS ! They make me smile just to look at them. I only have 1 now. I have lost 2 in the past yr. One was about 11 and i miss him so much because it has only been a few months. I love your whie one. I have had whie cats and i want another one. Also your grandaughter is beautiful. I have a 10 yr old grandaughter and she is wonderful. Veronica from N.C.

  10. Hi Deb, Oh my gosh, Riley is sooo cute! Those darling expressions! She looks like such a happy baby! Your son and DIL look sooo happy, too! I hope you guys are all together on Thanksgiving. :)