Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dusting off the Santas

I had full intentions to decorate the stairs today but I can't find 'real' garland in strands for the staircase. I'll have to search on the weekend because today I was too busy running from house to house caring for kitties. The outdoor decorations are popping up here and there especially in my neighbourhood. Although I think I am early at this, I am never the first.

Dominique and I had a fun time this morning looking through magazines on the carpet together. She likes to sprawl across me while I read. She is such a cutie!

I am heading up to see Big Helma soon for her 2nd visit today. She is doing very well and her dad will be home in 2 days. She will turn inside-out when she sees him.

Santas are now out in the dining-room being dusted off and primped up for their show this Christmas. That show being my stairs. Nothing amazing but I love how they look. Every expression imaginable.

The weather is dry today but cool.  Thank goodness that cold rain is over.   
Hope you are enjoying decorating whether it be for the American Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Have fun!

hugs, Deb

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