Saturday, November 6, 2010

Preparing the house to decorate

I'm slowly getting the house cleaned in order to put a few Christmas decorations around. The first thing I do is place a small tree in the kitchen and cover it with foody decorations. I buy a new one every year and this year I bought a 'chocolate queen'...wait 'til you see her. She's quite glamorous!

I'm off to dog-sit Helma, a lovely German Shepherd. I'm sure she will let me snap a few pics of her as she is probably the most accommodating dog I have ever met.

Hope you had a lovely Saturday. The weather here has calmed down, what snow fell yesterday is all gone and tomorrow it is supposed to warm up even more.
"Only in Canada, eh!"

hugs, Deb


  1. I have a small tree for my kitchen (well it's really in the breakfast nook) and I put kitchen/food ornaments on it also. Can't wait to see yours!!

  2. I can see how excited and ready those cats are for decorating! I'm game though!

  3. I hope you will post your food tree for the kitchen.It sounds like a great idea.I have to see it,lol.

    Happy sunday,enjoy dog sitting Helma.Cute name.Your cat looks exactly like my 3 year old cat.He loves napping alot in the cold weather too,lol.

  4. We have predictions of snow for Monday again! sigh... I wish I good snooze through it like kitty. :)
    xo Catherine