Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flurries are coming so hunker down and decorate

The wind is blowing and snow is on its' way tonight. I am just back from cat-sitting and feeding the ferals and the house is quiet. I can smell the garland that is dressing up the stair-rail and anxious to finish my decorating. Sierra is making a nuisance of herself but that's ok....she is great company. I was going through some old photographs today and came across this one of our cats Patches & her off-spring, Tina. Patches was found starving, pregnant and homeless and she came to live with us in that condition. She had 5 kittens and we kept Tina. They were inseparable for 15 years and then Patches passed away. Tina followed 3 months later. They were two lovely and well-loved cats that we still miss today.

Rae-Rae & Joe are doing well. I visited them yesterday and they look happy.

You haven't met Mimi she is

"Happy Thanksgiving all my American blogging friends. I hope your day is filled with faith, family, friends, food, fortune & of course, your furry-friends."

Tomorrow evening I will announce the winner of my give-away. You still have time to post a comment and I will add you to the rest of the names. Good Luck! 

hugs, Deb


  1. I am loving your kitchen tree and Santa!

  2. Hi Deb:
    Somehow I just came across your blog and thought I would say "Hi"! I'm a fellow Canadian (Brampton, Ontario) and will now be your newest follower! Love all your cat photos (I have 3 dogs). I'm going to check out your Giveaway, if I'm not too late. Come and visit me as I'm having a holiday giveaway too! Nice to meet you ~ Lisa

  3. Great decorations and lovely post about sweet Patches and Tina...Sierra is a beautiful sweetheart!...Glad to hear Rae Rae and Joe are doing well=I miss seeing them!...Hope you enjoy a wonderful day, sweet friend...Take care.

  4. Alright that picture with the tongue out is just priceless!! Mimi is just beautiful and your decor is so adorable!!