Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm truly a Cat-nanny today

I am heading out this morning to care for Shelly's foster cats. Shelly is the lady who fosters for our local animal control kennel (pound) and she had to go to Toronto unexpectedly so she asked if she could use my service today. I will be caring for 2 mother cats, 8  5-day old kittens, 2  3-month old kittens (found in the country sitting in a ditch by a passer-by walking her dog, the kitten with the broken jaw (who is looking fabulous since Shelly took him on) another older cat that is on foster, Shelly's own 3 cats and two terriers.

First stop is Tim Horton's cause this cat-lady will need a large coffee and bagel to get energized. I am excited and a little nervous because of the 3-day old munchkins. I dropped in to meet the brew yesterday and spent an hour on my stomach  mesmerized by these little beauties. One of the mother cats had a very hard delivery and is now on pain-killers so I have to do the dirty deed and medicate her. I made sure she got used to me for most of
the visit yesterday and stroked her beautiful calico fur while she nursed her babies.
One of the 3 month old kittens found by a dog walker.He looks older in this pic - he is actually an active, gorgeous kitten.

Here's the cute part of this post. One of the mother's (short-haired black) had 2 babies, the other (Calico) had 6 and a difficult delivery. So, to give the Calico a break Shelly decided to take 2 of her kittens and try them on the other mom. It worked like a charm and they never came back to the original mom. She was so loopy from surgery and pain-killers that I don't think she even noticed. So now they each have 4. Good going, Shelly.

The two mother cats have no names as yet. It sounds rather callous but Shelly has had a whirlwind of a week with so many cats coming in to her home and just hasn't had time to think of names. That will happen.

hugs, Cat-nanny Deb


  1. Enjoy your day! I know I'd have a blast.

  2. That is so sweet! We had a dog once that nursed baby kittens! Have fun with it all..what a fun duty that is :D

  3. Hi Deb, many thanks for stopping by our blog and it's lovely to meet you on blogland here.

    I don't have any cats but I love to read Cat Chat, Caren's blog is always sweet, informative and full of fun.

    However, my house is surrounded by neighbours with lots of cats. My right side neighbour has 8 cats and left side neighbour has 4. Most of my other neighbours have at least one or two cats. So we have visitors very often!

    Kane is so cute too! I love walking with my dogs too and I love to take their pictures as well.

  4. you are so wonderful to take care of all the kitties........what a lovely post!

  5. So sweet! Those kitties are lucky to be looked after by you Deb!
    xo Catherine

  6. Babies, toddlers and seniors! What a busy day for you Deb. I know you will enjoy it. Nothing like a new born kitty to make us smile.