Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Purrs of Wisdom

I am in heaven looking after Mimi & Sydney. I can still hear the purrs in my head as I post this. Both these cats were throw-aways. One appeared at the shelter with 1/2 a tail, the other with 1/2 an ear (frozen off). Now they live in the lap of luxury and the best part is, they know it. Thank God for that.............
Syd lost 1/2 his ear to frost-bite.

Christmas is such a special time for me as a cat-sitter. I will be very busy, of course, and some days I will have to stop and tell myself to breath because I seem to be racing here and there but I LOVE IT and look forward to the craziness.  I have such  special people using my service. People from all walks of life; business-men & women, jewellers, doctors, artists, teachers & retired folks. And they all LOVE CATS or they wouldn't be looking for professional cat-care.
We all know there are those who think cats can be left home alone and they will do fine. They are expected to lay around, eat from a pile of dry food left in a big bowl meant for popcorn with a couple of bowls of water and that's that. WE (the cat lovers who really KNOW our cats' needs) beg to differ. Cats get lonely and they need human contact daily. Even if there are 2 or more cats they still miss having the attention bestowed upon them by their mushy cat-lovin' owner. They need their litter boxes cleaned and kept fresh or they may decide to leave gifts for you where you least expect them. Also, they can get into things and sometimes those things can be of danger to them so they need to be checked on every day. AND WHO WILL GIVE THEM TREATS??

they love the attention and I'M DOING WHAT I LOVE... SPENDING TIME WITH COMFY CATS. 

"How's your decorating coming along? I'm  doing my stairs this weekend so hope you pop by to take a peak.
Still 2 more days for my give-away so just leave a comment after this post and I will add it to the others. The winner will be announced on Thursday evening. Good Luck! 

hugs, Deb


  1. I am so happy your clients appreciate you and your love of these wonderful furry friends.

  2. You are such an angel, I sure hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :D

  3. Such sweet kitties! I totally agree, even though cats can be alone for a few days ~ why would they want to be? I know it makes me feel better when my girlfriend comes and checks on my Banjo every day if we are away for a few days. We have a timed feeder ~ what if the batteries went dead? What if the water fountain stopped running? No, it's best when someone comes and peeks in on them every day. You provide a wonderful service Deb ~ extra nice when it is over the holidays! :)

    Happy Wednesday!
    xo Catherine

  4. You are very blessed to do the work you do. It is work of the heart. I love the stories you shared -- I'm so glad those kitties found the loving home they (and all kitties) deserve!