Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The old buffet

The old buffet in my dining-room sits next to our table and will hold extra dishes and cutlery at Christmas. It is one of my favorite pieces and although the mirror is smoky from age,  I love it and will never change anything. I have a thing for little drawers and this piece has 2 where I can keep some treasures. Inside the cupboards are seasonal decorations. 

These are napkin rings (a set of 6)

I am off to a book-store today after I cat-sit. Everyone in my family likes to get books at Christmas and this little book store also has great coffee so I plan to stay awhile. The store is called 'Read's Book-store' and it is as cute as the one in the movie, "You've got Mail"

Lots of coziness happening here next to the wood-stove.
Cats are funny, aren't they?

Lily & Mr. Ed
Without a doubt, these two have fallen 'head over tail' for each other. 

hugs, Deb


  1. Beautiful dishes and napkin rings. I haven't seen that kind of teacups at all, it's so special and lovely.

    Hope you have a great time at the bookstore. I watched that movie long time ago and I do love that bookstore in the movie. YOu're so lucky! Happy cat-sitting too!

  2. That bookstore is a CLASSIC and I loved that the most in that movie!! We have a coffee shop that you can read in that is a little like it. Mackinac City has a similar one too. You have a great time and have a cup for me too!!

  3. PS: LOVE your dining room and I love an old mirror over a new one any day!

  4. Love your buffet! Beautiful and so are the cozy sleeping cats! I love book stores!

  5. love your style! The buffet and serving pieces are exquisite!

  6. Aw, what precious kitty-love! I wish we had a bookstore like that. We only have the chain Barnes & Noble. You really do love the entirety of Christmas! I can see that enthusiasm for the holiday season all over your face.

  7. Is that Lily and Mr. Ed cuddling? Too sweet!

  8. I love all the wood stove coziness going on here...and all your pretty things too! ;D

  9. The pictures of cuddling and sleeping is gorgeous. No wonder you love the buffet its gorgeous.. Hugs GJ x

  10. I'm jealous.... I wish we had a neat book store; ours is a Hastings.... nothing special, that's for sure!

    Beautiful buffet and pretties.... but especially those two adorable cats!