Friday, November 26, 2010

Well, what have we here...

The snow has arrived and I will love it for a few days and then give me Fall again.
 I am running around picking up keys, returning keys and planning my busy weekend of cat-sitting, Santa parade & celebrating my youngest daughter's 24th Birthday. I will venture in to some stores to do more Christmas shopping if the time allows. I hope it does, it's getting close.
"Well, look who's up."
hugs, Deb


  1. The snow is always welcomed for Christmas but then I just want it to disappear for the remainder of the year! Enjoy your "busy" weekend.

  2. Oh Deb..... I'm sooo looking forward to following your blog; I'm a big animal lover......especially cats. The cats in your pictures are amazing.... the white one looks so much like our 16 year old Crissy. Our Crissy is very pretty, but independent and has a mind of her own.... actually... when I think about it, she's like most cats. lol!
    Sure wish you were here to cat sit with our two cats.

    Snow? What's that?..... Here in south Texas is a rare phenomenon....all the children pray for snow all winter...

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Dear Deb, Outside your window look so freezing !!!!
    I'm so glad to be just a cat like him so we don't need to do Christmas shopping but we wait for the present ...hee...hee..hee..