Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Who, me?"

"Welcome to my blog. I am just thrilled that you stopped by."

I am posting the following because I have once again called "Sierra" and been given the look. 

"WHAT?...What do you want now?"

The most useful trick to teach a cat is to come when called. The starting point of this task must be a secure and loving relationship between cat and owner. Don't you just love to call your cat only to find it sitting in the same spot with a look of "Who, me?" on its' face. You should exploit every mealtime and petting session to reinforce an awareness of its name. Single-syllable names are obviously learned faster than compound sounds, but whatever the name it should be repeated constantly during play. Once the name is learned it can be used as a forerunner to the word "come". Teaching a cat to come when called works best when food is being presented.  Once that is learned you can begin to call the cat at other times of the day, always rewarding the correct response with a treat or a petting. Have each family member train the cat to come when called so it is not just your voice the cat responds to. The "come" command can be of life-saving importance if your cat is lost.

What do you look at when you are driving around on a quiet afternoon or evening (besides the road, of course)? I'm always scouting for cats in windows. For 2 reasons..I love cats in windows and cats in windows mean that I may have a new client if they find out about my service. I usually drop by with a brochure for their mailbox the next day. I will be busy tomorrow because I spy some window cats.

Hugs, Deb

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  1. What a cute image of that sweet cat in that window...I have seen a few dogs in windows...more so than cats.

    Thank you for your sweet comments you left me on my blog the other day. xoxoxo

    Happy weekend.