Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Loving the weather and I'm dreaming of a silver Mookie

The weather here in good 'ol Ontario is very unseasonal right now. It is sunny, crisp but not cold, and bright clear skies. No one is even wearing a coat these days besides my husband who would wear his leather jacket even on a hot day. (weird)

I've been out walking Kane a lot these days and I am still caring for my German friend Helma, the Shepherd. Poor Buddy and Chase are so wanting to get outside but while I care for them they must stay in. Their owner is back tomorrow and they will zoom out the door.

Cats & Yogurt
I have a hard time getting my cats to like yogurt. I have read it is very good for them and it would be so easy to add their spirulina to it instead of putting it into their soft food but I can't
get my cats to eat it. It is so good for their digestion and helps to keep them regular but
they just refuse. *blah!*
Did you know that cats cannot taste sweetness in food? When you are having your favorite flavor and the cat bugs you for a taste of that sweet, strawberry kind you should switch it up for the cat and serve the plain type. A little once in awhile is good; a whole bowl will cause tummy upset so be careful with the amount. 

"I'm having a flash-back tonight"
I am heading into my 16th year of cat-sitting. The picture below was of myself and my first cat-sitting client, Mookie. I cared for him for 8 years while his owners travelled. I think of him at Christmas-time and remember the many visits I sat beside his Christmas tree and cuddled him and listened to his roaring purr. He was a lion while he roamed his property and a mush-ball when he snuggled in your arms. He lived to be 21 years of age and always enjoyed being a member of a loving family.  He was a head-butter, my favorite kind. I miss him so much.
hugs, Deb
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  1. It's been a warm fall here too, but we got a ton of snow last weekend!

    Mookie looks like a sweetie -- what a great picture of you. How great that you've stuck with the pet-sitting for 16 years! It's so great to do work that you love...

  2. That is so interesting that you had him for 8 years...I wonder if he recognized his people when they came for him!

  3. Oh, I guess I worded that wrong, Julie. I cared for him on and off for 8 years. This family travelled many times throughout the years and I would go in to his home and care for him there while they were away. He was a great cat.

  4. Must be wonderful to do something that you love for so long! I wouldn't mind doing this myself, but my dogs torment the one cat I do have. Silly things.

  5. My cat-sitting service is not done in my own home. I go to the clients' home and care for the cats in their own environment. That way, they are more relaxed and can be surrounded with their familiar things for the time their owners travel. I am hired to visit anywhere from 1 to 3 times a day. It all works out great. I own 1 dog and 5 cats so to bring my clients cats to my home would not work too well.

  6. Great photo of you and Gary!...And lovely memories of sweet Mookie...Take care, Deb.