Monday, November 1, 2010

A walk, a window, a wonderment

Well, we greet November today.

My one-and-only ever pooch

  Kane & I left this afternoon with a ball and a camera in pursuit of cats in windows. The air was crisp, sun was warm and just enough breeze to please my pooch. After walking for 1 1/2 hours we came across the window we pass every day and sure enough.......a new cat in the window. I think we have spotted a gem of a window if new cats keep popping up.

and she had a friend waiting for her in the bushes.

I am having dinner tonight with Shelly (foster lady for our pound) and she will tell me all about the new kittens, all 8 of them. Wow! Can't wait to photograph them and looking forward to meeting these 2 very fortunate mother cats.

Speaking of mother you think the apple falls far from the tree? Here is my daughter who was a cat for Halloween with her 'baby' Rae-Rae. See any resemblance?

hugs, Deb 


  1. Yes, and I sure see the resemblance to you too. The very same facial features!

  2. How fun your walk sounds, I just got back from mine, the weather was perfect! I love the pic here..very cool eyes on both! LOL

  3. Love your dog! I had written a comment on your other post asking if he is a Sheltie? We have a Sheltie as well!
    Not sure if you saw my previous comment.....
    Glad you found cats on your adventure and your daughter's Halloween costume was a hoot!

    Cat Chat

  4. I think your daughter is a gorgeous cat!!

  5. Love the kitty in the window and the one on the porch=great photos!...Allie and Rae Rae are both gorgeous kitties!