Monday, November 8, 2010

Cats and Kitchen Christmas trees

Still on the hunt for miniature kitchen ornaments for my, what once was a fake tree and about to become a real tree if all works out. I WANT THE REAL THING... a little guy that I can place on a table.  I dropped in to a bulk candy store and found lots of candies that are on strings. Purrfect!! Do you remember the little coloured circle candies that you would wear like a necklace back when the dinosaurs walked the earth. I do! They'll do nicely. I found an itsy-bitsy dinner bell (jack-pot) and a miniature Christmas plate (I almost fainted :) This tree just may **ROCK** this year if my luck holds out.
I found a little lunch-box with Santa advertising coca-cola on it. Wow! Two of my favorite things when I am not on the health-kick. This will look so cute and adorn the front of the kitchen tree.

We had so much fun with Helma this morning. She is an award-winning dog in my eyes. 'DOG OF THE YEAR' I would give her when Kane's not looking. :)
Here she is just being adorable.
"I'm adorable"

Helma is always giving you her paw. She loves to be stroked and cuddle on the couch. She never shows aggression and is friendly with everyone. She entertains herself throughout the day in her 2 acre yard and patrols the fence for intruders. Ball-time is her favorite and she drops the ball at your feet to throw it again.  Gary says that he would want a shepherd if it was just like Helma. I think Helma is one-in-a-million so good luck there, Gar.

Cats' Eye Colours
It's the eyes that get me all the time. I am putty in their paws.

One of the remarkable features of the cat is the wide variation of eye colour that is inherited independently of coat colour. The normal variation in iris colour is quite wide, ranging from rich orange, shades of yellow and hazel-green to green. The brown and dilute genes do influence pigmentation of the eye, but it seems that the normal variability due to poly-genes and chance can swamp or over-ride the effect of these major genes. For example, the British Blue Shorthair has orange or copper eyes, while the Russian Blue's eyes are green, despite the breeds identical colour genotypes. The influence of polygenes means that within reason selective breeding can stabilize any desirable eye colour. In practice, it is easier to fix extreme shades, such as copper or green, thank intermediate ones. An exception to the above is the blue eye colour of the Siamese and various white breeds' this is definitely associated with major genes.

hugs, Deb


  1. What a pretty dog! I think one of the first things I would add to a Christmas tree (if I can find room in the kitchen) are vintage cookie cutters.

  2. I had a beautiful German Shepard once, his name was Rebel, he died of cancer. I love the eyes of of mine has sage green eyes and thats her name too, Sage. :D

  3. I love cats' eye colors! Great post. My Amos has yellowish-orange eyes, and Rush has these hazely brown ones. So unique!

  4. Oh my daughter loves german shepards she would loveeee to get one some day.Shes 25 and I hope she does cause they are a beautiful dog.The last photo of the cat looks like my youngest cat exactly.Hes a cutie.I always loved the blue eyed cats soo adorable and soooooooo expensive too,LOL.

    Good luck on your hunt for ornaments.Cant wait to see the tree when your done.

  5. I love the cat eyes photos. Yes they have such a look they can give you! Sounds like your kitchen tree is well on it's way!