Sunday, November 7, 2010

My new German friend

I've been 'hanging-out' with a lovely, BIG, German girl for a few days. Her name is Helma and she is the most enchanting German Shepherd I have ever met. I have met many dogs in my life through my one-time dog-walking service and my dog-biscuit business which I sold last October but I have never met one so adorable as big, ol' Helma. I will be busy with her for 2 weeks as my husband's friend is travelling and Helma does not do well in a kennel. She would much prefer to stay home and protect the home-front. And that she will do...she's not letting anyone on her property ....except her care-giver, of course.

Gary playing ball with Helma

I am dropping by throughout the day and evening to give her cuddles, food and watch some of her favorite tv shows with her. She will be my main concern for awhile and along with her I have .....ta..da....the two crazy brothers, Chase & Bud. How I love these two tabbies. I have missed them so much and can't wait to see them tomorrow.

"How I love these two cats"

Now, about the upcoming Christmas season...
The little towns near where I live have many unique and charming stores that are already decked out for Christmas. Once Halloween is over in Canada, the Christmas lights and trees come to life so it makes early shopping quite enticing. Miniature cookie trays with cinnamon buns and shortbread, wee little kitchen utensils and Christmas ropes of candy were bagged up and I happily came home to plan my Kitchen Christmas Tree. 

Charming, right?

Find some unique candy to tie a ribbon on and add to your kitchen Christmas tree. 
 How cheerful is this little tree.
One thing I must find for my kitchen tree is a rolling pin to celebrate the sale of my dog-biscuit business this year. Better get on that :)

Hugs, Deb.


  1. I love kitchen Christmas trees...
    Also love Christmas Santa Chefs...:))

  2. Lovin all the Christmassy posts and that little Hallmark stove ornamanet is an elusive beauty I also have been trying to find for under 80.00 on ebay!! It was from the Nello Williams retro collection, it was from the 2004or 2006 series and is the most collectible of the pieces, thus the high price. Hope you find one.My son would fall in love with Helma if he met her. He is a huge G.Shepherd fan. She is a beauty, as are all your lucky charges!My Rosie is enjoying the fireplace these days and chasing blowing leaves in the window ha! Happy Decorating post lots of pics!!!

  3. I love Helma, sounds like a sweetie! The bros are cute cats, love them snuggled up together. I am starting to look for some cute items for my kitchen tree this year.

  4. How fun -- I love all things Christmas! Cute, cute, cute ideas.

    Helma is quite the dog! And I love those tabbies :)

  5. How cute is the two tails picture.. I love the little ornaments.. Hugs GJ xx