Thursday, November 4, 2010

"my cat's just plain bored, Deb......

"She's bored and just sits here like a lump, any suggestions?"
We sometimes look at our cats who sleep up to 18 hours a day and wonder if they are truly bored. Most cats appreciate to have their feathers ruffled once in awhile and this excuse of
"Oh, no my cat wouldn't like any kind of a change in her life. She likes to have things just as they are" Oh, poppy-cock! Cats love change if its inside the walls of their home and it sparks their interest. They do get bored just like we do. A simple thing like hanging a new bird-feeder outside a window where they like to perch can give them hours of entertainment. A box that costs nothing with a pinch of catnip thrown in and a little ball or tin-foil rolled up to bat around inside is great fun for a bored cat. If you do have a cat-tree that has been sitting in the same window for a long time, move it to a new location, maybe looking out towards a tree that has squirrels running here and there. When I was young my mother would throw down a paper bag (which are hard to find now, I realize) and my cats would go running across the room inside the bag having a whale of a time.

We really should keep our cats active and interested in their surroundings. If you have a staircase then through a sponge ball  or a ping-pong ball up and down the stairs and watch old lazy pants come to life.
There are toys you can purchase at the pet store that you can put kibble inside and the cat can roll it around and receive a treat for all its work. Bonus!

The 'cat-dancer' is my all-time favorite toy so try one out and kitty will have a blast.

And lastly, groom your cat.
 Just the time spent brushing and combing will help pass the time for kitty and build the bond between you. It is a wonderful time to get to know your cat again. Go easy though, cats don't like you pulling their skin while combing. And some cats do not like having their hind end combed so in that case, stick to the top half of your cat and it will be pleasurable for both of you. We are always reading how cats are becoming the 'favorite house-hold pet' because they are less demanding than dogs and take less daily care but that doesn't mean we should ignore the cat and not inter-act with her. If you give time to your cat you will see the full personality of her come alive. They really are fascinating.

hugs, Deb


  1. Charlie love the laser light up and down the hall. So much fun for him and me!

  2. Thanks for the cat does love to play with anything that moves the dogs tail! ;D

  3. Hello! Thanks so much for the comment and for following! I LOVE your blog! I am a huge cat lover, so I am definitely going to follow you and check back in!

  4. Great cat tips, Deb; all of my cats love to be brushed and they are all so playful...I could not comment on your post on Riley's lobster costume, but she was really adorable with Chef Britt!!...Happy Friday!

  5. my Cody used to have the cat dancer and loved it!
    His current fave is a rubber pom pom on the end of wire...he loves it!