Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bye, bye brown bananas

After cat-sitting the mood hit to start some baking. I wanted to try  Paula Dean's banana loaf so I got busy.
I had company in the kitchen today and I don't mean the 'feline' kind. Well, I actually had that too but look who joined me.
The 'ol biker' turned chef Santa.
He stuck around to make sure I didn't mess things up.

3 loaves of Paula Dean's Banana Bread to use up the bananas in my freezer. Hope they're delicious 'cause I plan to give them to special people as a little Christmas love. 
I'll wait 'til I try this recipe myself before I pass it on. I'll be making more soon. They sure smell good though.
Here is something that helped time pass quickly in the kitchen. 'The Master'. There is no-one like Mr. JT and I am still reeling from his last concert in Toronto where I actually high-5d him. Yep, I'm pretty special now.
I hear he is doing a tour with Ben (his son) in the States and I hope he comes to Canada. I'll just have to go again.

It is raining now for 2 days so I am cat-sitting and then back to decorating a little.
All the rain has taken away our snow. But that's ok

I am having so much fun visiting all your blogs during the Christmas season.
hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb! Oh, I'm sure your little helper made sure those banana loaves turned out wonderfully!! :)
    I'm a fan of sweet baby James too! Love his mellow sounding voice.
    Wish I could come over and have a slice of that banana loaf!
    Little grands are just wonderful, aren't they?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Yum I do love banana bread! I will have to look up Paula Deans recipe. Oh yes Mr Taylor can serenade me any day! I will be bringing out my Kitchen Santa tomorrow!

  3. I can smell the aroma of your banana loaf here! They look yummy and I'm sure they are the yummiest!!! Can't wait for the secret recipe!
    I'm glad Chef Santa was there to company you, it's always lovely when someone is in the kitchen when we whip the cream or crack the eggs; we are not only. Eva is always there to make sure I do the right things in the kitchen : )

  4. First off...I love James Taylor!!!

    Your new banner is adorable...what a sweet cat you have.

    Now you have me wanting banana bread! Yummmm...Happy December. xoxoxo

  5. Thats the kind of a day I and baking and lots of pets! ;D

  6. Ummm, I love banana loaf! I need to get busy baking!!

  7. An adorable Santa, some yummy baking, lovely Christmas music, beautiful decorations, a sweet kitty ~ this is a most perfect post today Deb! :)

    xo Catherine

  8. Paula and James, Santa and Cats....who could want for more!! Wish I was there to listen and sample with you!Gonna start some cookies here myself today and Rosie continues her nap under the tree..her version of the great outdoors...inside and warm ha!

  9. Oh, yes, Paula Dean!!!!!!!!! Just between y'all and us, when our mama goes out and about, she is occasionally taken for Paula Dean!!!!!!! We can't see any resemblance and neither can mama....she says it must be the white hair!!!!!!

    Mama also says she wishes she could cook like Paul Dean!!!!!!! Mind you, mama's not a bad cook, but definitely not in the same ranking as Paula!!!!!!!!

    Have a most beautiful day. xxxxxxxxx

  10. James Taylor AND banana bread? Honey, I'm coming right over!

  11. looks delicious! I will be right over!
    How nice, I visit your blog, I love Paula Deen, I get to hear John Denver (whom I also adored) singing, and I get to see JT (another love!!)
    It's a great day! (sigh) xoxo