Tuesday, December 7, 2010


First off, a very Happy Birthday to Mike. He is my daughter Jess's partner and we just think he's the 'cat's meow'. :)
It is so cold here today. Something like -14,  I heard. I worry about everything that is struggling outside and try to keep some ferals close by fed at least.  I pray for these little guys.

Here are a few more decorations that dawn our tree. I'm really lazy this year trying to finish the tree up and on top of that, last night I was upstairs when I heard "OH sh**, DEBBIE" ...Our 3/4 of the way decorated tree fell down. Nothing broke but oh! what a mess. Still don't know why it fell so now it is tied to the window. All 5 cats and 1 dog looked guilty.
This little snowball is my 2010 ornament addition to the tree.

I miss this little lady every day.
Enjoy your decorating.
Hugs, Deb


  1. Do your cats climb your tree, mine do! I had a tree fall over one year, ended up tethering it to the old Singer sewing machine behind it..worked great! ;D

  2. Hi Deb, your post today... brought back some sweet and funny memories for me.
    I love your kitty ornaments...... our little tree is full of white cat ornaments. Our Crissy is 16 years old, and each of those years we have friends who've given us the white cat ornaments...they're so special.
    Your fallen tree reminded me of 15 years ago when I was have 50 people over for a Christmas party, and Crissy was a kitten and knocked the tree down shortly before the party..... at the time, I thought I would die...... now I laugh.

    Our precious animals are such a gift from God!

  3. Loving your ornaments. I got a photo ornament of Charlie last year. He is such a special guy...amazing how much we can love them. I will show photos of the 'kitty' tree soon.

  4. Hi Deb,
    You are so kind. I know what you mean. I think about feral cats all the time and wish I could help them all. Our Chestnut was a feral and has been such a blessing. He's our big ole' baby.

    Whew! It is really cold tonight. Stay warm sweet friend. ~Melissa :)

    PS Your kitty's photo hanging on the tree is beautiful. She was very regal and had gorgeous eyes. I'm sorry for your loss.