Sunday, December 5, 2010

A snowy Sunday in our little town

The snow has arrived but my shopping day is behind me so it is time to kick back and watch a Christmas movie with a good, hot dinner. Kane loves Sundays 'cause he knows something good is in that crock-pot. :)
We just got back from a walk in the woods and the snow is beautiful. It is falling slowly and it is clean and sparkly. I LIKE THIS KIND OF SNOW. Just don't give me that dirty, slushy stuff.

Gary, Jess and I headed to Almonte and put a further dint in our Christmas gift buying today. Little did we know their parade was on so the streets were lined with excited kids and a few wide-eyed adults too. I found some fun things for Riley's stocking and bought a special friend her Christmas gift. I'll be shopping with her on Wednesday in Perth. I tell ya, after Christmas I don't shop for 6 months.

Dropped in to see Max today and as if...............he had been shopping too. He was very excited, as you can see, to show me the lovely plant he bought for me with his owner's money.
"I'm over here, Max"

He's such a charmer. I have the best clients & I appreciate them every day.
 Little Max is one half of the Chico & Max team that I have posted about last summer. Chico passed away this Fall and now Max is the king of his domain. Apparently, he loves it.

The lights are on the tree and I will decorate for a few days. My tree is a mish-mash of all different ornaments, some bought, some given, some made & some old ones passed down in the family. I'm always changing up things so it really does take me a day or two to finish it. I bought one little, white, round ornament today and Jess went home with a beautiful red bird for her gorgeous tree.

I hope you all had a great Sunday and your house is looking just that much more festive.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb, sounds like a wonderful day. I got my little tree with all the cat ornaments up. It is really cute and Charlie enjoyed checking it out!

  2. Sounds like a lovely day, especially the walk in the snow! ;D

  3. Looks and sounds like you had a beautiful Sunday Deb! I tend to do more shopping after Christmas than before. I like to get in on all those after Christmas discount prices! ;)

    Have a beautiful week friend!
    xo Catherine