Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our memory tree.

Our tree is loaded with family ornaments. Some our children chose and some were gifts. I hang them all.

 The tree is up again so we'll see if it stays standing. I really thought our cats had outgrown their shananigans but maybe not. 

3 of our long-gone kitties are in this photo. Sassy (background), Tina & Patches
Little Maggie we lost this year at 18.
Our tree is never fancy and it doesn't have a theme but it is full of memories and that is what Christmas is to me.
hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb! What a beautiful tree filled with wonderful memories! Your sweet fur babies are so precious! I have kitties that I still miss, too. I read your post about your falling tree. We had that, too, with our last live tree...all faux now They do still love to sleep on the skirt. It's cold here, too...I'm also worried about the ferals. Hope you are having a great week...Debbie

  2. Hey Deb! Thanks for bringing some of your cheer my way! Love your tree! It's the real deal! Jacqueline

  3. Deb while I enjoy looking at the theme trees and the beauty of the decorations, on my own tree I'm like you, it's the memories!