Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Looking back on 2010

2010. The year started off with despair mixed with hope for my friend, Christine to win her battle with cancer. She passed away Feb. 8 and since then I have faced many occasions where I miss her more than I can say. But  I know that her spirit lives on and I feel her presence when I need it. I still laugh to myself at some of the funny things she would say and her silly ways. They make me smile and help me to accept what is. I miss her.
 It was 9 days later that I discovered blogging and I really feel that your friendships helped me through the hardest time.

Our son turned 26 in March and was awaiting the birth of his first child. His life was about to change forever and for the better.

Our daughter, Allie completed her art course at Algonquin College
and moved home for the summer along with her two cats, Joe & Rae-Rae. It was fun to have her back with us and I fell in love with her two cats, especially little Rae.

May 20th our first grandchild was born. Riley June Steckly was to join our family, make parents out of our son and his fiance and become the apple of my eye.

I said goodbye to my beloved Maggie on May 24th.

 I was still reeling from the excitement of Riley's birth when I had to make the terrible decision to let Maggie go.She was 18 years old and still had the face of a kitten. She loved to hug me with her fluffy little paws and her favorite toy was a feather.  The day she left, I didn't think I could be there because I knew I would fall apart but I received the strength knowing I would never leave her when she needed me and this decision to let her go was the last bit of love I could give her as she was no longer enjoying life. I miss her and when I come across a bird feather on my walks with Kane, I think of her and smile.

The end of May, I high-fived Mr. JT himself, James Taylor. I am his #1 groupie. I almost fainted in the aisle.

I turned another year older in June but we won't talk about that.

August brought another birthday celebration for my daughter, Jess.

Gary turned 56 in September and made the decision to retire by 2011.

I sold my dog biscuit business in October.
It was a decision that was made the year before but it took me that long to make it happen as I started it from the ground up and it was hard to let it go. I knew my heart was elsewhere and the business needed someone fresh to carry it on. Once sold I was able to give 110% of myself to my cat-sitting service. I have never for one tiny moment looked back. 

"hey, there goes that cat-lady"

November brought another birthday celebration for my daughter, Allie. She also moved out with her two cats and our second car.

And then it was December and it was full-speed ahead with my Just-Cats Cat-sitting Service. The month ended with our celebration of our 30 years of marriage.

I enjoyed 365 walks with my favorite dog, Kane.

So, there have been tears, sadness, a new birth, children getting older & moving on, anniversaries & the gumption to finally make a business out of my love for cats that has brought me to the end of this year. 

"20ll....Oh, we have plans for you"

Happy New Year to all my blogging friends and thank-you for your friendship in 2010. Now, go give your furry-one a hug.

hugs, Deb


  1. What a fantastic review of 2010 Deb! That is one extra terrific thing about blogging, you can keep track of what you did all year. You've had some ups and some downs that is for sure. Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2011!
    xo Catherine

  2. Oh, I give my furry one lots of hugs! :) My daughters tell me he is the evil brother they never had and I love him more than them (hehe)

    Looking back does have many sweet and not-so-sweet moments, doesn't it. I send wishes for a very Happy New Year, dear blogging friend.

    Looking forward to what 2011 holds for us!

  3. Wonderful year end review! 2010 certainly had moments for tears and moments for smiles and we're wishing you a very happy and healthy 2011!

  4. 2010 had lots of changes for you. Great review and I'm looking forward to another year of blogging with you! Happy New Year Deb! hugs, Linda

  5. Deb what a year...what strength you have!
    Once again I am so sorry about your friend, she looked like such a wonderful person...I felt an extra sadness about Maggie....your sentiments about deciding what to do were exactly what I experienced with my Bobo who was also 18 when I had to make that dreaded decision. I was with him at the end too, for the same reasons you chose to be with Maggie...
    Looking forward to a wonderful ride in 2011 with all of my blogging friends like you! xoxo

  6. What a wonderful post!!! Love all the pictures!

    Happy New Year!

  7. What a year! I always get teary-eyed reading posts like this, but I'm a huge sap. Yes, 2011 is going to be a fabulous year!!

  8. And I'm so glad we crossed paths! I love the photos of you with the cats. My favorite is the one of you looking out the window with your head down on the cat's back. I just love that one. You've accomplished so much. I'm sorry about your friend. Blogging has been very therapeutic for me, so I'm assuming it has for you as well. If I've never told you before, you have the most radiant smile. Happy New Year, my energetic friend! (Oh, and I love the sign on your car with the cat's tail!)

  9. Adding your blog to my day was a great part of my 2010. Thank you for this wonderful recap of all of the many events and emotions that this year has brought to your life. I am so excited for the prospect of your cat kennel and new home in the next year. Blessings in 2011!!

  10. loved reading this recap. You had a good, too.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes.