Sunday, December 19, 2010

With decorating, there is always something to strive for.

I kitty-sat in a  home today that was the same style and lay-out as my own but much more beautiful inside. It is so strange to walk into a home and see what your home could look like with some changes. The house is a duplicate to mine but they have added a sunroom at the side and opened up a wall so that the dining-room and living-room are one. She has two beautiful chairs arranged to separate the two rooms. It doesn't hurt that the home is filled with antique treasures. WOW! And there snuggled on one of those gorgeous chairs was Josephine. What a pretty cat she is and we had a great visit today.

I couldn't get her to stay still for a photo-shoot so this is all I got and here is one from the last visit we had.
Nice, eh! She is impossible to photograph but look at those cute little floofy bloomers.  (South end of a northbound cat)
Later today, the doorbell rang and it was a couple who live a few doors from us. In her hand was a bag of what looked to be the most delicious cookies I have ever seen. Sure enough they were for us. I thought that was the sweetest thing for them to do. They were going door to door handing out beautifully wrapped bags of home-made delights. Look at this.....

I have already polished off 3. See the little round white one....Oh mama! I'll take 12 of those, please. How is that for nice neighbours? I hope they have a wonderful Christmas.
Tomorrow it is lunch at a good friend's home and I think she ranks right up there with my mom and my mother-in-law as one of the best cooks ever. She also is a health NUT and knows more than Dr. Oz when it comes to health & wellness. I always come away from her just a little smarter in that area. I just love our get-togethers and I better have all my cats cared for before I drop in because our gab sessions  always go a lot longer than planned.

Tonight I'm still working away on some DIY gifts..........

5 more days, folks
Hugs, Deb


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  2. Those cookies look delicious! You have such nice neighbours!
    I bet you can't wait for lunch tomorrow. At least with health nuts, you know that you're eating very healthy but DELICIOUS food!!!!

  3. I'm enjoying these last few days before Christmas. I'm going to finally do my baking and just take time to enjoy my tree(s), the music and the wonderful feelings of the season.

  4. Josephine is such a beautiful cat!
    BTW your home is GORGEOUS TOO!!
    Those cookies looked scrumptious! The unexpected gifts are always the BEST! Enjoy!

  5. As much as I've enjoyed the holidays, I'm about ready for it to be over now. I suppose the sheer intensity of the way I threw myself into the decorating has overwhelmed my senses! Those goodies look fantastic! I want a bite. That cat you're caring for looks a bit like Emmy. She's still very skittish. About every other day she will let me pet her. Some days she just won't let me see her. I'm playing this her way, her comfort zone.

  6. Hi Deb! Thanks for your sweet comment on our wild and crazy Baby girl! Oh, gosh, those homemade goodies look yummy! I read back a bit on your blog and I can't believe Mr. Ed is 22 years old! How wonderful that he has thrived under your care and love. And I was so touched by your tribute post to your lovely friend, Christine. I wish you a beautiful Christmas... Donna