Thursday, December 2, 2010

A tree for the birds

I dropped by to see Rae-Rae today. She is doing well and is enjoying the run of a two story house and no old cats swatting at her when she gets too rambunctious.  I watched her play on her staircase just like she always did here and she was so 'at home'. She is such a darling.

Joe is doing great and has become the keeper of his new neighbourhood already.

Tonight I added 3 more wreathes to our outdoor decorations. I think I am finally finished and will snap a picture tomorrow night.
I have a busy weekend ahead with cat-sitting, shopping and I am working on a gift that I will show you later. Saturday we will head on over to the tree-farm across the street and drag home the BEST TREE EVER (well at least to me) I want one about 10 feet tall.
I have been watching the rows and rows of trees growing over the summer and  many that were planted a few years back will now be ready to become Christmas trees. I love trees and have always had such respect for them. After Christmas our tree goes on our back deck and I fill it with food for the birds and squirrels over the winter. It will be a beautiful shelter and feeding spot. In order for the food to stay in the tree I tie little baskets to the branches and fill the tiny baskets with bread, nuts and seeds. You can also hang suet.
This tree also becomes an entertainment area for our cats as they lie around and watch the birds for hours. Last year our tree lasted 'til well into the Spring as a shelter.
 We just placed the tree into the corner of the deck because we can see it easily from our sliding door and the cats lie on the back of our couch to watch them. It worked well for us and for the little, hungry birds.

Hope you are enjoying your preparations for Christmas and still decorating. 
hugs, Deb


  1. So glad to hear Rae-Rae is doing well. I miss that little girl. I know you are excited to bring home your tree and get it decorated!

  2. This is the most exciting time of year isn't it! Thanks for sharing the recipe for the B. bread too! ;D

  3. That last photo is so sweet! Such wee little excited faces ~ how cute! I am hoping to do some Christmas baking this weekend. Usually I end up with more raw dough in my tummy than baked cookies ~ haha!

    Happy weekend Deb!
    xo Catherine

  4. Love that last photo it must be one you treasure. We are also trying to think of the birds especialy in this snow. Wow a 10ft tree we would not get that in our tiny house. We havn't got the outside lights up yet because the snow came down before we had a chance, now we have to wait for a thaw. Hugs GJ x