Sunday, December 12, 2010

Skin like a baby

When I think about any of my friends or family members there is always one thing that stands out about them. That one little thing that makes them unique. My beautiful friend, Barb has the most gorgeous skin. That's what I would start with if I was to describe her. Of course, the list goes on but Barb is my age with baby, soft skin. WOW! I had to ask her one day what she does to maintain this baby, soft skin."Tell me Barb and I 'll give you 50 bucks :)" That was many years ago. Since that day I have been applying coconut oil to my skin at night. I love it mostly because I like the fragrance and it reminds me of being in Florida because all the sun-screen smelled like coconut. I guess it has helped to reduce lines and wrinkles on my face. Lord knows with my schedule I might look like a crocodile by now but when I met Barb last week for coffee and looked at her flawless skin once again I remarked...."Cripes Barb, what the heck are you eating to have skin like yours?" She proceeded to tell me that she now adds Almond oil to the Coconut oil and has for a year or so. So...............guess what I bought yesterday?
this is to partner with....

I'm such a copy-CAT but copying someone is apparently the biggest compliment you can give them so no apologies here. And although I will look ghastly at night after applying enough oil to keep my car healthy, this time next year I should look 12.

If you play your cards right, Santa may pop some in your stocking.

Talk about copy-cats ....My son's cats Ozzie & Cooper are the Masters..  cheek-to-cheek. 
  I'm heading out at 8am on a Sunday morning to kitty-sit. Breakfast must be served on time as these are all very pampered, well-loved and may I say just a tad bit spoiled cats (shouldn't they all be) so it is best to keep them scheduled as they are used to. It is raining here on top of piles of snow but it could be worse. It could be freezing rain. It's just slushy and wet. I think today is a  day to clean, put on a good meal & finish up the wrapping. I also have the nail clippers out for 5 seniors but I'm just sayin..............
hugs, Deb


  1. Coconut oil and almond oil! I've just wrote them down in my next shopping list! Talk about copy-cat! I don't mind being one if it helps give me a flawless skin, LOL!

  2. like Priscilla (whom I ADORE) said I have to write that down too! I have the WORST, most DRY skin...especially in our cold weather.
    Love the photo of the woman above...soooo funny!

  3. I would be hungry all the time with yummy smelling oil on my face! Love the cheek to cheek cats. Take care today and stay warm and dry!

  4. The cheek to cheek cats is wonderful. That almond oil sounds great. Our Mom should try that, she is so old, her skin is all wrinkled. Good for you to get those kitties their meals on time. Take care and have a wonderful day.

  5. I use Shea Butter Oil in my bath and on my face, but will try the Coconut/Almond Oil combination when I run out of my current stash=thanks for the tip...Adorable photo of Ozzie and Cooper!...I am overwhelmed with Christmas this year; the time constraints of my new jobs have left me more unorganized this year than I have ever been=so much to do, so little time!!...Happy week ahead, sweet friend.

  6. I am going to try the oil combo...all of a sudden, my hands are OLD! Of course the rest of me is holding at 25...NOT!
    Tell Mr. Ed that he gets a kiss from me after clippy claws. SMOOTCH!

  7. Ok, here goes..... I'm going to be a copy cat too. My skin is sooooooo dry. I'm going to get me some coconut and Almond Oil tomorrow!!!

    Your packages are lovely.....when they're so pretty, it seems sad to tear them up.

    Cute kittys cheek to cheek...