Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bringing home the tree

Our weather is cold but no snow right now. There is no snow anywhere to be seen. I'm not complaining because I am one of those people who think we should have the white stuff on Christmas day and that's it. It is beautiful to look at though. I am hoping for snow this Christmas.

We headed out late today and picked out our Christmas tree.

"I think I found her"

We are taking this lady home.

I am caring for 2 lovely cats named Jewel & Angel. I can't think of two better names for cats at Christmas-time. They are keeping my spirits up this weekend with their silliness. There has been a lot on our minds this week.

The ferals are continuing to be fed each night in case you were wondering. There will be extra food put down now as I imagine every kind of wild animal and bird is dropping by looking for food. They are getting double the amount of dry and I am leaving many cans of various kinds of cat-food. I also add bread now for the extra mouths. There is never a crumb there the next night. Everything is hungry and desperate in the winter and I suppose this food will help them 'til the next day. It's a tough time for them. I am placing the food earlier now as it is dark by 5:00 and the cats come by first. I know this because sometimes I wait and watch from the car. I usually leave there with tears and have a hard time driving but I know it's all I can do. I want to scoop them up and bring them home but they are as wild as the night and their life is planned for them. I pray for them every night. God love them. 

Around here, nothing but comfort and joy.

Love-birds Mr. Ed & Lily
Cali & Ginny 

Are you getting excited for Christmas? I know I am. Now on to decorating our beautiful tree.
hugs, Deb


  1. I would bet that you have very good karma, for you are such a good soul. It touches me so that you care for the feral creatures. Recently my oldest daughter, just turned 36 last week, was driving out to the highway from where she lives in the country to feed a stray wild dog. That's just how I raised them, to care for those that have trouble caring for themselves. Your smile from around your tree is radiant!

  2. I had you in my thoughts today.

    You picked out a spectacular tree, can't wait to see her in all her glory. Funny, I didn't know a tree had a gender but I like it!

  3. That is a gorgeous tree, looking forward to seeing it decorated. I know you are one of the kindest people in the world. I love how you feed the ferals and others in need. Your lovely kitties are safe and warm and I know it hurts to drive away from the ferals, but you are right it is their lot in life. hugs, Linda

  4. I bet your tree is going to smell heavenly! It's a beauty ~ I can hardly wait to see it decorated. How wonderful that your stray kitties are getting some food every day. Our Christmas is always quiet, but I am still looking forward to it!

    Happy Sunday Deb!
    xo Catherine

  5. A great tree, it's just beautiful...So sweet of you to provide extra food for the ferals and other homeless animals as well...Love the photos of your sleeping babies=they are all precious!...Have a fun day shopping with Jess.

  6. Beautiful tree and my heartfelt prayers to your family and Eric's in this difficult time.

  7. Wow, what an awesome tree..... it looks perfect!!!

    You are my kind of person.... taking care of the homeless/hungry animals!!! My heart aches for the homeless animals.....