Friday, December 17, 2010

Caring people are everywhere

I got an email from Cherry Street Cats blog about building shelters for feral cats. She gave me some sites to check out and some info on different types of shelters. Thank you so much, Robin for your help. Isn't it wonderful how some people really care about the lives of these homeless, unloved, hungry cats. Robin cares for a colony near Toronto. Ont.ttp:// She is so dedicated and loves these cats like her own. "Have a wonderful Christmas, Robin"

All my preparations for Christmas are done and I'm DONE TOO. Seriously, I don't have the energy anymore to shop. Finito!!Now when I go out into the crowds I can sit back with a hot chocolate and just watch the madness. I actually really enjoy doing that. I do love all the Christmas chaos but not the line-ups so I'm pretty proud of myself. I have to be done early because of the busyness of the season with cat-sitting. That is now in full-gear. So off I go, cat-bag in hand, treats in my pocket and a de-fuzzer for my clothes. :)

Our cats are seniors now and too tired to attack our tree. BONUS!

Cali wants to know who this ol' guy is??
Soon to be 18, Cali is still doing great.

hugs, Deb


  1. I hate the crowds, so I'll stay home I think. You know, I don't think our emails are getting to one another. Because you mentioned emailing me, and I didn't get it. And I've emailed you several times. Once before I got the cat, and didn't get an answer. Try this: On my end, I think maybe it's due to my not realizing my email on my blog was not corrected when I thought it was.

  2. I'm done shopping also. Bought Charlie's goodies today so finto for me too. Enjoy your cat sitting.

  3. I think Cat (and Dog) people are a special type of human...pets change us, and usually for the better!
    Enjoy being DONE, and loving up lots and lots of Cats. Sniff 'em all for me!

  4. NOW I know why your presents stay safe...senior cats!! At 4, Rosie is still into sitting on the presents and chewing the ribbons off!! She never bothers the cords or lights, but a pretty wrapper gets her every time! Kids had their last day today so now we can do some family baking and spending time together. They want to get each other a little something,which I greatly encourage them to be good to one another, but ole' mom will have to face the crowds one last time, and I know people have their teeth bared by this time LOL!!! Have a hot cocoa for me while people watching!!

  5. You're smart and quick! I never like the queues and crowds. If I go shopping, I will go early in the morning and wait for the shops open and I usually finish my shopping when the throngs swarm in!

    I always love to see your Christmas decorations, they are so so beautiful!

    Have fun cat-sitting and enjoy the beautiful festive season!

  6. Cali still looks very young at heart! :)
    xo Catherine