Thursday, December 16, 2010

A gift for Kane & Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=helping outdoor cats stay warm

Today a pretty package arrived at my door. It was from Claudie at
Bubblin' Over.

Under the paper was this little hankie that smelled so good I spent 5 minutes just smellin' it. And inside was a little dish with a dog that looks just like our 'Mister'. Claudette sent Kane his own little dish for when he is snacking. A sweet note accompanied it (in beautiful hand writing, I might add) in a Christmas card. We, that being Kane and I, are thrilled Claudette that you thought of Kane like this and was so thoughtful to send him a gift. He says, "Bow, wow, wow, wow!"  

I love that it's a little WHITE dish but Kane doesn't care about the colour. Thank you so much, sweet Claudie (as she likes to be called) and yes, we can and will get together sometime after Christmas. You are such a sweet girl!

cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=helping outdoor cats stay warm.
I am still feeding the ferals every night but I don't know where they sleep and I can't leave out shelters for them because if I get caught on the property I could be fined and then the food has to be moved where there is no dry spots. So, I just pray they are finding warmth (lots of buildings around) while they are being well fed. So far, when I do see them they look good.
I received a call from a woman who is feeding 14 brown tabbies at her back door and has been for a few months. She has an idea where they came from but can't be sure that it is an irresponsible person who has now moved from her area and left cats behind. She has some old couches outside turned upside down with plastic &blankets on the sides and a garage where they can go in at night where there are more couches and blankets but she needs help with ideas to keep them warm and fed. It is -14 tonight and only going to get worse. She recently went to our local paper with a plea for help from shelters or rescues and so far has not received any. All shelters and rescues are full. Most of these cats are unapproachable but I will not call them FERAL. I think most of them have been dumped and at one time were owned by someone which makes them domestic but scared of strangers. They come up on her porch and eat and then find warmth in the garage. Needlesstosay, this is a problem in many areas and I realize this but when it is so close you just feel you have to help. I have collected food for her and have delivered one shipment and right now I have more piling up in the diningroom. That will be sent up on Saturday. I am just off the phone with a farmer who will give me bails of straw and I will deliver them also on Saturday. These will be put in the garage inside styrofoam boxes to keep the warmth in.
I am open to any ideas for this woman. She is on a pension and she is doing without to feed them. She knows the REAL problem is getting them spayed but that will be faced in the Spring. Warmth is the issue now.
hugs, Deb


  1. That Claudie is an amazingly sweet gal. I love the 'Kane' dish! Poor ferals, I am so sad to think of them so cold! What a sweet lady to try to feed these other cats and you for helping them. God Bless you both!

  2. That is such a cute dish! As for the cats, maybe a heating lamp like you would put in a coop for chickens? I do feel sorry for them too.

  3. It breaks my heart to think of the cats being cold, but the hay sounds like a very good thing.... it helps to insulate against the cold and they can snuggle up in it together.

    I don't like winter for the reasons we're talking about. I feel guilty in my warm house when I know there are others cold, whether they be people, dogs, cats...etc.

    I wish I had an answer......, but I do know you and the lady you mentioned are angels!

  4. Thanks to everyone who tries to help the outside critters! That dish is very, very pretty!!!