Monday, December 6, 2010

The 'ol Christmas books & a kitty book too

My 3 children are now in their 20's and I love buying them books for Christmas but there is nothing more delightful than looking through all the children's Christmas books in the stores. I love them! I saved a few that were lovingly read to our kids and will now be enjoyed by our grand-daughter, Riley. I tied them with a ribbon and have them now as a decoration on the coffee-table. That way with all the excitement at Christmas we will still remember to bring out the old, worn Christmas books.
Ry is loving our fresh, new snow that fell yesterday. Imagine this is her FIRST winter.

Cat-tip-for-the-day - A good read on CATS  
If you need one more gift for your cat-loving friend this comes with my recommendation. William J. Thomas is hilarious and any cat-lover will find his books unforgettable. 

Max says "Howdy" and wants you to know that he has a flair for designing homes. You see, Max convinced his owners to redo their kitchen floor in the 'Max' pattern.  Isn't it lovely and isn't he wonderful? ;)

hugs, Deb


  1. Deb I love children's books and have so many I saved. Now I'm collecting books to do a Christmas Children's book Advent calendar (read one book a night). That Max is a handsome fellow and I can see why they did the floor in his colors!! Ry is adorable! Gosh she is growing so fast!! Her first winter and her first Christmas. Enjoy!

  2. It's so sweet of you to put those old Christmas together and tied them up beautifully. You're really creative!

    Little Riley is so adorable and she has the sweetest face in the whole wide world!

  3. Love the idea of tying the books up, think I will borrow that idea! Riley's stocking is great and she looks oh so cute in that penguin cap!! I so wish I was close enough to adopt Marshmallow. My heart breaks for him. Of course they designed the floor after Max. All great decor is patterned after the cat LOL!!! Your house must just be brimming with CHRISTmas cheer with the kitties, Riley and all your beautiful decor!!!

  4. aw... the sweetest little one :) Don't ya just want to give her a big squeeze! Precious!

    I still have the old Christmas books from my kids too. Good idea to tie them up with a pretty ribbon and display.