Sunday, December 26, 2010

Beautiful bracelet & Counting kitties

Thank you, Mary, my friend of 34 years. I love it!

What is it about December 26th that makes us all want to start purging, cleaning & starting fresh? I am in that zone and will start tomorrow gathering things for the Goodwill. The New Year just in front of us fills me with determination & strength to change old habits and meet challenges head-on. I can't wait to get started.

I have a very busy week of cat-sitting ahead. Many people are travelling starting tomorrow to see family between Christmas and New Years. That makes me happy because I get to care for their kitties. Tomorrow I will visit with (are you ready?) Simba, Midnight, Albert, Willow, Bali, Tootsie, Marvin, Chase, Buddy, Missy, Snow, Sasha, Didi, Emmi, Smudge & Anu. Phew! Better do a name-call so I don't miss anyone and of course, bring my camera.

Hope you have a fun day tomorrow. I'll be rolling a ball on the floor 1,458 times, exercising my can-opening thumb until it goes numb & covered in cat-hair. Now, try and beat that one :)

The ferals feasted on left-overs tonight. 
I wish I could lift this guy into my arms and hug him tight
We gathered up a pan full of turkey with trimmings and left it under the covered area for them. I know they would have really enjoyed that. Yes, they are wild but they have been 'good' and deserve Christmas too. God Bless Them.
hugs, Deb

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  1. Beautiful bracelet. I'm glad the ferals had Christmas also. Enjoy all that kitty love!!