Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter is here.

I'm looking forward to a busy day of cat-sitting, picking up keys from new clients and finishing up the tree. I have presents waiting in our spare bedroom now turned 'wrapping room' along with all the embellishments waiting to be wrapped so "NO 'OL SENIOR CATS ALLOWED" in the room.   My cats like to root through paper.....hmmm, not a good thing right now. Even at their ages, 24, 21, 18, 15, & 9 they love to play with paper, bows and ribbon. Of course they do, they're cats.

I hung Riley's little stocking that I embellished to make it more personal for her. I believe it will be BURSTING at the seams Christmas morning 'cause Santa knows she is the best little girl ever. 4 more stockings to be hung by the wood-stove with care.

The roads are slippery today and I hate driving in this but nothing keeps me from getting to my hungry, home-alone cats. Little Max is doing great and welcomes me with a leg rub and then falls on his head on the floor. I can't say anyone has ever been that happy to see me before.

Still trimming the tree.....

Lots more trimming to do and I'll show you tomorrow my latest ornament.
I hope everyone is enjoying getting ready for Christmas. If you slow down, take a deep breath and remember what we are celebrating, your preparation for Christmas day will be filled with joy and love of family & friends and you will be counting all your blessings. 
Have fun!
hugs, Deb 


  1. Deb I'm enjoying see you ornaments go on your tree! Stay warm.

  2. Deb ..... your ornaments are so pretty, I love the little sweaters!

    Your kitty's are so blessed to have a loving/caring sitter!

  3. I especially love the kitty snowflake