Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Hello" at Christmas

Don't you just love Christmas cards? It may be one of my favorite things about Christmas. Especially hearing from old friends or people you haven't seen in awhile. I just love them.

For some reason lots of lovely cat-themed Christmas cards make their way to my home. I wonder why? :)
Little Max is doing well while his owners cruise. He is just so happy to be in a warm bed while the winds blow around his house. He is such a sweetheart & a chatter-box.
I'll be looking after Jessie this weekend. She's a lovely short-haired white cat and she looks just like my Lily.

I'm just back from feeding the ferals and tonight I saw 2 of them. They look good although they were obviously in need of food. I don't recall seeing either one of these before so I am at a loss to think of how many are actually out there. These that I see are all adults. The weather should be warming up soon and for them mostly, I am thankful.

Another favorite thing at Christmas..........wrapping.  I know it sounds crazy but I LOVE IT!
What I don't love is the waste of wrapping paper so....I will use some paper but I also use pretty tea-towels, festive socks or Christmas magazine pictures to wrap with. Another idea is to buy new oven-mitts and stuff the gift inside and tie with a bow. 2 gifts in one.Your wrap can become a gift. Use your imagination and less waste.

hugs, Deb                    


  1. Deb I love cards also. Wonder why you get so many with cats?? :) cute, I love the one with the kitties in the bird feeder. You have some great ideas for gift wrap!

  2. We have a lot in common...I LOVE Christmas cards too! I love all of these you have shown..gosh, I wish we could get together for a good old visit! :D

  3. Cat Christmas cards are always extra special I think! :)

    I love gift bags ~ I like to buy pretty and unique ones. But then I don't like to use them or give them away... I know... it's a sickness... ;)

    Happy Thursday Deb!
    xo Catherine

  4. Those are sweet Christmas cards!

    I like your gift wrapping ideas too! I don't like to waste anything so this fit right in with my way of thinking.

    :) wishing you a happy day!

  5. I love the cards!!!!
    My favorite is the cats in the bird feeder....

    Your stairway is gorgeous!