Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas fun

My apologies for these terrible pictures but the minute I pulled out the camera to photograph these two they would take off. Meet Tootsie and Marvin. Once they get used to me they will be more comfy with the strange black thing pointing at them.

It was madness in my kitchen last night. My girls and their friend, Lyndsey are baking Christmas cookies. Bedlam I tell ya. But, even with all the silliness, they went home with some cookies and squares :)

There was more 'silliness' than baking going on...  

There is nothing better than lunching with a friend and yesterday I did just that. Great lunch, good drinks and boy you would have loved all the Festiveness in this gorgeous home. Barb is a great hostess and fabulous cook. Barb is one of those people who should write a cookbook or maybe even have her own cooking show. We had home-made tortiere with a delicious spinach salad  and Barb's famous chutney. For dessert she brought out a tray of Polish Christmas baking. Unbelievable!!

Today I have 5 houses to drop into and tying up the loose ends before Christmas. Are you tired yet?
hugs, Deb


  1. your home and that of your friend's just exudes warmth and love!!!! That is what I love about your blog.
    The 2 kitties were adorable (photos look FINE to me!)
    I LOVE your kitchen!!!! It is sooo warm and inviting!
    Thanks for the big morning hug through your blog!

  2. How fun! Oh how I wish my kids were home to bake cookies and make us all laugh!!! :)

    I hope all is merry at your house, Deb, and that you all have a wonderful Christmas together!


  3. Silliness and baking seem to go hand and hand. Enjoy visiting all those kitties.

  4. I'm tired just watching you jump through all the hoops! My husband is 100% Polish. He would have loved it!