Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I'm happy to be home, off that crazy highway, after visiting my in-laws near Waterloo, Ontario. I love seeing them all and it is really looking like Christmas there.
We were welcomed by Keara when we arrived.

"Come on in...what did ya bring me?" 

My sister-in-law creates a beautiful tree and shows off her love of birds.

What a magnificent tree!

The famous 'Apple Butter' from Gary's uncle's factory just up the road.

The view at breakfast

My  beautiful mother-in-law, Mabel in her retirement home. It was so nice to see her again.

On return, we were greeted by the  most excited dog, wiggling back and forth, jumping as high as a 10 year old dog can and 5 very annoyed cats. Oh, they were looked after fine but they don't like change of any kind.

back to preparing for Christmas.............and playing in the snow with someone very special.

hugs, Deb


  1. I can imagine the roads were crazy. Good thing you didn't have to drive to Sarnia! :-D

  2. Theres no place like home is there! That cat's ears look a bit like a little bobcat. I loved the tree, the draping beads around it are so pretty! have a grat wekk! :D

  3. Keara is a beautiful kitty! She has similar coloring to one of my cats. The bird ornaments are really pretty, but I'm surprised they are still on the tree... my cat attacks the (fake) birds on my trees.

  4. Charlie and I were admiring Keara's photo. Charlie likes your kitties ya know! Glad you are back home safe and sound. There has been some awful weather out there. I think you and Kane need some snow time for sure! hugs, Linda

  5. I love the bird ornaments. Just the other day I was saying that I'd like another, smaller tree with only birdies on it :)

    Looks like you had a great visit -- and now I'm hungry for apple butter!
    xx Ang

  6. Hi Deb! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit...but there is no place like home, is there? My fur babies are always glad to see me, too! Merry Christmas!...hugs...Debbie

  7. Deb, your MIL looks so nice and friendly. I used to volunteer in a nursing home that allowed patients to bring their pets to live with them. There were cats and dogs (all small) you had to sometimes watch where you stepped, as not only the patients suffered with incontinence. Still, it was nice to have these furry family members living with their owners. They do bring so much joy and comfort to us, don't they? And if a patient passed, there was always a willing "neighbor" to adopt the pets. It was so sweet! Needless to say, if Daisy is still with me if and when that time comes for me, I hope we get to go there! lol!

  8. Glad you are back safe and sound! That is a beautiful gift from your friend. I can only imagine how happy Kane and the kitties were to see you!! Have fun with the catsitting over the holidays!Your Mom in Law looks like she enjoyed your visit! Hugs!