Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wintery weather = wrapping

It's been raining and snowing and slushin'..."Hello Winter!" Not great weather for shopping but EXCELLENT weather for wrapping and snacking. Max had to stay in today (poor baby) but his owners are home tomorrow and he will have the freedom then to come and go many times a day if he so desires. He has been a delight to care for. Today 3 more bookings for cat-care over Christmas. I have NEVER been this busy. And 'bunnies' (YAH!!) I love those two little wabbits.

The gift inside a gift.

Did I mention I love wrapping? Don't mistake that with 'Rap' (don't like that at all). I think if I wasn't a cat-sitter I would want to be a gift-wrapper. I know my own cats have always been very cautious at Christmas to be within 10 feet of me for fear I get the wrapping urge and just 'wrap them up'. Sometimes I tuck them into a blanket and they look just like a little present when I am finished. God, they hate that!
This will be burstin' at the seams once Santa has been here.

So is everyone getting all 'crazy' now? It's that time already when the panic starts to set in. I think if you just put Josh Groban's Christmas CD on you will calm down. Just try it!

 hugs, Deb


  1. Well, not only do you enjoy wrapping but you sure do create pretty packages! My dog kind of likes to be wrapped up on cold nights. I toss a soft blanket over him and he stays there all night.

  2. LOvely wrapping!!! The maple leaf mitten is especially cute!

  3. Laughing about wrapping the daughter sent me a youtube link for someone wrapping up their cat in Christmas funny. I love Josh Groban and it's perfect relaxing and wrapping music.

  4. HI Deb! Oh, you've wrapped some very lovely packages! You're good and I'll bet those little kitties lovely playing in all the ribbons and cute paper! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Hi and thanks for your lovely comment. What a great wrapper you are, ilove that mini knitted sweater.
    Have a happy Monday.

  6. Wrapping and snacking! That's what I did this weekend too. You inspire me with your creativity, Deb. I love to create, but my gifts are more in the area of writing -- I love ALL things creative, though. I admire your mind!

    p.s. You are one of the treat winners in the giveaway -- hop over to Catladyland!

  7. You truly have the best job in the world Deb! Should it even be called a 'job'? Probably not. And rabbits in the mix ~ so fun! I like wrapping presents too and yours look great. It's hard to believe Christmas is right around the corner.

    Have a wonderful week Deb!
    xo Catherine

  8. You're so creative and artistic! Everything is so beautiful there and I can imagine how beautiful your house is! The trees, ornaments, decorations and etc etc, they are all gorgeous!

  9. I cannot have my kitties in the room when wrapping gifts, the paper would be in shreds! I love your staircase, it looks like a wonderful house. Happy baking on the slushy days way up North!

    BTW, not a kitten behind me in photo, just a little statue thingy. I do need more posts of my cats, I have 4 of them AND a stray that visits every day for mealtime.

  10. Ok I HAVE to ask you this and please do not take it the wrong there ANYTHING that you DON'T DO WELL???????

    OMG you make me feel soooooooooooooooo lazy!!!